Editorial Cartoon: Facepalm – Facebook goes Public

Editorial-Cartoon Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Facepalm

I actually previewed this editorial cartoon on Google Plus on Friday.  It was well received due to the timing and my predictive nature on Thursday night when I drew this that the Facebook IPO would be less than stellar.   Poor Mark Zuckerberg has to do a facepalm instead of promoting his facebook.  Though none of us should feel sorry for them as all the pre IPO stock holders will cash out for bookoo bucks.   Besides Mark got to marry his college sweetheart over the weekend and since he knew her before he was rich, you know she wasn’t in it for the money.  Congrats to the couple.

Charity Challenge Update

Week 3 Breakdown:

$10 for Using ME in their Cartoon –

$1 for ever new follower on Google Plus at http://googleplus.beartoons.com

584 NEW FOLLOWERS in a week.

Which puts us way the hell over my goal of $1000 to those charities.  Thank you thank you.  I maxed out for the first time in 4 years.  However…

I know there are a couple cartoonists who expressed interest in still doing a Bearman Cameo this month so for anyone else that does, I will donate the $10 to Crayons to Computers.  Also there is still time to donate to Crayons to Computers in honor of Bearman Cartoons.  Remember I will match those donations.

Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge 2012

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59 Responses to “Editorial Cartoon: Facepalm – Facebook goes Public”

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  1. Red says:

    FABULOUS! I am so excited at the response you got this year!!

    As to Zuckerburg…well, I was with you on the prediction. Not that it makes me (looks at eye in mirror)…no, no tears.

    *wicked grin*

  2. Tim Green says:

    I don’t own stocks myself, I’m a cartoonist and I have the bank account balance to prove it! 🙂

  3. Comedy Plus says:

    I don’t do Facebook and I sure wouldn’t invest in Facebook. Sure wish I would have invested in Google though.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    I love your face in this one.

  5. lisleman says:

    good call and cartoon – I did not know he got married. I heard many of the pre-IPO winners got it for less than $2 a share.

  6. zman says:

    Great cartoon. Yeah i read something about him getting married. He is strange dude if you have read some stuff about what he does when he is not at the office. zman sends

  7. duncanr says:

    became incredibly wealthy on Friday

    lost 50% of that wealth on Saturday

    Mark Zuckerberg changed his status to – married
    Priscilla Chan changed her status to – jackpot

  8. Scott says:

    You’re a hero, Bearman!

  9. Friggin Loon says:

    I wonder how many employees will resign from Facebook now they are millionaires?

  10. Bo Lumpkim says:

    Way to go Bearman on the Charity Challenge. Google+ is goin’ to make another Zuckerman out of you. I’m just waitin’ for you to go public.

    I really don’t understand all these internet stocks bein’ worth so much but my mind kinda boggles a little when you get into billions.

    I’m workin’ on goin’ public with Gatorhead Enterprises but I am not sure all 12 of my fans would even buy stock.

  11. Binky says:

    I feel so so sorry for Mark.

  12. Mark Stokes says:

    Oh, what’s a few less billion, anyway?

  13. Jenn says:

    Well hey, he has nothing to complain about! He’s a billionaire!

  14. Cha says:

    Ahah!!! Great cartoon! 🙂

  15. Guess I shouldn’t have sold the FarmVille to buy all that stock…

  16. Scholar Mel says:

    Something, something, something… about going public with Facebook.

    In other news, I didn’t know you were a prophet.

  17. Deb says:

    No facebook for me…yet. Therefore no investing either.
    You’re have a great turn-out with the charity, Bearman!…Good job!

  18. jb says:

    Facebook can be a cool thing. If people would use it for the right thing.

    • Bearman says:

      It is a cool thing for reconnecting with old friends…and people who now claim you were their best friend in HS.

  19. Tony McGurk says:

    Great news on the Charity Challenge!!! Well done generous kind caring guy.
    I don’t feel sorry for Poor Mark Zuckerberg. He’s in the 1% & I say he should share the wealth!!! Especially with me & you

  20. Lynn says:

    I’m so sorry I missed this year. I cannot tell you how busy I have been to break your bank. Nice to see others stepped up to the plate though. Fantastic news- now you’re poor like the rest of us. How’s it feel? 🙁

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