Luke Harper WWE Caricature

Haven’t done a WWE caricature cartoon in a while so this one goes out to Luke Harper (aka Jon Huber).  He always wears a dingy sleeveless shirt.  WWE needs to make him a his own wrestling shirt in their shop that says “this IS my clean shirt”

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George RR Martin finishes new book – 2016


George RR Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones series, is known not to be sentimental about leading characters in his books.  In fact he is known to kill off a few of your favorites regularly.  Which got me thinking.  With all the celebrity deaths in 2016, did good […]

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Ken Bone

Ken Bone and his red sweater are getting his 15 minutes of fame.  After supposedly splitting the pants on his nice gray suit, Ken grabbed his “Plan B” outfit of a nice shirt and his red sweater before heading out to last Sunday’s Presidential Debate.  Since then, he has been […]

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James Ellsworth Cartoon

James Ellsworth Caricature

My latest caricature study is that of one James Ellsworth.  Now that Heath Slater has been signed to the WWE Smackdown brand, the hottest free agent in the wrestling biz is James. James is what is known as a jobber in the wrestling business.  A jobber is typically local talent […]

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Vanessa Ives – Penny Dreadful

Vanessa Ives Penny Dreadful Cartoon

Vanessa Ives, played by Eva Green,  is a central figure in Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful” Series.  For those not familiar, the series puts all of famous monsters from literature (Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Werewolf, Dr Jekyll, Dracula) in Victorian London (yet in this season, the central characters have been pushed out to their […]

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The Anatomy of Hillary Clinton

I have been poking fun at the right for a while so it is time for Hillary Clinton and the left to get their turn.   In case you missed my Anatomy of Ted Cruz, it is here. _______________ Charity Challenge Week 2 Results Speaking of love, my biggest efforts in […]

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Xavier Woods UpUpDownDown

Xavier Woods Cartoon Up Up Down Down Bearman Cartoons

Xavier Woods is the stage name of WWE Wrestler, Austin Watson.  So of course my non WWE followers won’t get the caricature reference.  Xavier loves video games and comics, so I figured who else would make a great cartoon than him.  His web video series “UpUpDownDown” has him providing hilarious […]

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RIP Prince


RIP Prince.  The words “It’s such a shame our friendship had to end” from Purple Rain is such a fitting sentiment.  Another childhood icon gone too soon.

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The Anatomy of Ted Cruz

The Anatomy of Ted Cruz Parody Caricature Bearman Cartoons

Ted Cruz, the only presidential candidate that I haven’t poked fun at directly gets his treatment today.  Let’s take a look at the Anatomy of Ted Cruz together.  As the Republican Party is now looking for any alternative than Donald Trump, Ted Cruz is preening and Jeb Bush is kicking […]

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