Luke Harper WWE Caricature

Haven’t done a WWE caricature cartoon in a while so this one goes out to Luke Harper (aka Jon Huber).  He always wears a dingy sleeveless shirt.  WWE needs to make him a his own wrestling shirt in their shop that says “this IS my clean shirt”

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  1. Binky says:

    I totally agree. Whoever this guy is.

  2. This guy has an Andrew W.K. vibe.
    I’m so far behind (decades) of my WWE (WWF) days.
    Um, I think it was Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker at Summer Slam.
    My all time fav. wrassler is Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack “Bang Bang!”

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    An awesome beard. I shaved recently, stupid me, but am unwilling to change my avatar as I’m waiting for regrowth. I don’t know what ever possessed me.

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