Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Editorial Cartoon Bearman Cartoons

“Black Lives Matter”  For whatever reason since the phrase was first invoked, there is a large population of people who miss the point and respond “All Lives Matter.”   What is missing from their understanding, IMO, is when someone invokes the phrase “Black Lives Matter” they aren’t saying ONLY black […]

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I am the 1%

It started with Occupy Wall Street and has since spread to different parts of the United States and the World. People who are upset about joblessness, opportunities, corporations in bed with government and a host of other things (many legit, several absurd).  Those in the 99%, feel that too much […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Freedom of Speech

This editorial cartoon was born of frustration.  There are several sources that say the majority of American editorial cartoonists lean to the left while there are fewer that lean to the right.  Then there are those like me who are moderate.  I am conservative on some things and liberal on […]

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