The Unfiltered Truth about Hemorrhoid Surgery

Cartoon depicting two baboons with one without a big red butt claiming he wasn't a baboon at all. His big red butt was just hemorrhoids.

WARNING: This post is a unfiltered and at times graphic representation of hemorrhoids and the surgical process to get them removed. If you at all uncomfortable with frank language and bodily descriptions just look at the pretty picture and move on. What I am about to share is personal and […]

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GOP in the Hot Seat


  Ahhh, the GOP is in the hot seat.   Whether you think Republicans are responsible for the election of Donald Trump or the DNC and the Clinton campaign are (or the Russians, or Bernie Sanders), clearly the Republican Party is the only one that can and should make sure […]

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Milk Milk Lemonade Shirt

Two years ago my wife taught my then 9 year old nephew the famous Milk, Milk, Lemonade, Round the Corner Fudge is Made chant along with the associated movements.  Sadly for him, he couldn’t make it through it without cracking himself and everyone else up.  So this one is for […]

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WTF: Caganer Pooping Christmas Statue

I have been to Spain. I have been to Spain at Christmas.  Unlike the crappy manger scenes that Americans make that is limited to the manger only, in Spain they make a scene of the entire town with the manger being only a part of it. And while in America, […]

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Candy Corn Poop

In continuing to highlight various t-shirts and other products available at, thought I would share this weeks entry into the Halloween gift bag. I always wondered why you can see your corn in your poop but not your candy corn.

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