Editorial Cartoon: TSA Pat Downs (again)

I actually drew this one last week but it got pushed back.  It is the second of my editorial cartoons on the TSA Pat Downs.   I got to wondering, as embarrassing as it is for passengers, how must a TSA agent feel to have to grope the smelly crotch of […]

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Is this Toooooo Offensive??

Everyone knows I have no problems walking the edge of good taste.  Of course the wife loved it as we both laughed uncomfortably at this given the TSA issue in the news.   One one hand, I think it is a great play on words.  On the other I would never […]

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Editorial Cartoon: TSA Pat Downs

I have noticed over the last week a sudden uptick in visitors looking at my previous Body Scanner cartoon.  So I thought I would delight them with what turned out to be one of my own personal favorites. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the creepy old guy […]

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