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Nosy Moms 5-13-17--Bearman-Cartoons-Nosy-Mothers-Happy-Mother-Days

Happy Mothers Day Nosy Moms!!!  Well isn’t every mom nosy and prying?  I mean that is what they are supposed to do.  Years ago someone I knew named Doug recounted this story to me as he was in his mid 30’s and his mother was pressuring him to get married. […]

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Giving Up After Marriage (Cartoon)

This cartoon was inspired by Sunday’s post regarding the article that said people who have sex or exercise infrequently are more prone to heart attacks.  Of course in Sunday’s toon, I poke fun at the guy.  But I am an equal opportunity offender so thought it was the ladies turn. […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Chaz Bono

Usually the kids of stars are brats or feel self entitled. Never really got that image from Chastity Bono over the years. And if anyone ever watched Celebrity Fit Club, you would know that Chastity was the most sane and emotionally stable person on the show. (OK…I know that isn’t […]

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