Vote No on Issue 3

Vote No on Issue 3 Cartoon by bearman Cartoons

Ohio voters will go to the polls this week to vote on whether or not to allow the legal growing and distribution of marijuana in the state.  I am saying Vote No on Issue 3. Not for any moral issues on my part.  However I truly believe that medical marijuana […]

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Editorial Cartoon: What if Prop 19 Passed?

So Prop 19 in California FAILED at the ballot.  This was the ballot initiative that would have legalized and regulated marijuana in the state.  The idea being that decriminalizing it would bring in much needed tax revenue and decrease the prison burden. Young voters in California appeared to overwhelmingly support the measure, however, […]

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What smells

New “duh” story about cannabis.  People who smoke alot are more likely to have hallucinations.  Study out of London says, Young people who smoke cannabis or marijuana for six years or more are twice as likely to have psychotic episodes, hallucinations or delusions than people who have never used the […]

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