Understanding German – Schmuck

Today’s lesson in understanding German is on the word “Schmuck”.   Signage everywhere in Germany/Austria have some version of this word such as here: No this isn’t a passageway for jerks.  Schmuck in German means “jewelry” or “adornment” so some variation of it is used on signage by Jewelers.  This […]

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Understanding German – Ausfahrt

Having never been exposed to much German except for a few bars of Wayne Newton’s Danke Schoen (thanks Ferris Bueller – you are a righteous dude), I was pleasantly surprised at all the words I found funny traveling the last few weeks in Europe.  So today I give you the […]

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Overwhelmed Underwhelmed

Today’s cartoon is based on an actual conversation my wife and I had today.   As I was saying it I realized underwhelmed is NOT the opposite of overwhelmed even though “over” and “under” are. overwhelmed Bury or drown beneath a huge mass. Defeat completely. underwhelmed  Fail to impress or […]

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