7 Things I Learned from a Failed Kickstarter Campaign

7 Things I learned from a Failed Kickstarter Campaign

For those of you wondering where I have been, I have been coming off a month after a failed Kickstarter Campaign for 99Blast – The Card Counting Game.  The bad news is the campaign failed.  The good news is that we still found a reseller who is able to sell […]

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How to Operate a Dual Flush Toilet

You would think today’s cartoon has nothing to do with Australia.  But you would be wrong.  In an effort to conserve water, dual flush toilets have been installed in a whole bunch of places including all the hotels we stayed in.  Some, unfortunately, didn’t work as well as others. For […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Facepalm – Facebook goes Public

I actually previewed this editorial cartoon on Google Plus on Friday.  It was well received due to the timing and my predictive nature on Thursday night when I drew this that the Facebook IPO would be less than stellar.   Poor Mark Zuckerberg has to do a facepalm instead of promoting his […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Caricature Fail

  This cartoon was inspired by my attempts over the last 4 months to do more caricature work.  If you get a caricature done by me or someone else there are several reactions you may have. Wow that picture is great and it looks like me. Wow that picture is […]

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Will the real Nate Fakes please stand up

Ladies and Gentlemen.  The man you see pictured above is Nate Fakes.  Mad Magazine and Break of Day cartoonist Nate Fakes.  And hands down, the worst person in the world for me to try to caricature.  If it is the first time or the 20th time trying I can usually […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Facebook and Email

Here is a potential real FAIL for you.  Facebook has announced that they will now offer email service for it’s members allowing you to send emails to people outside your friend list.  With all the controversy surrounding privacy issues with Facebook, I think I’ll take a pass. What embarrassing things […]

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