Fidel Castro and Monopoly

Bearman Cartoons Fidel Castro Destroys Monopoly Boards

Fun fact cartoon for the day.  Did you know that Fidel Castro wanted to remove any signs of Capitalism when he took power of Cuba?   So one of the first things he did was order all Monopoly Boards destroyed.   In pretty much all communist countries even today, you […]

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Wombat Facts

Today’s cartoon lesson on Australia, takes us to discuss the lesser popular marsupial, the wombat. Interesting that indeed wombats poop square shaped pellets.  They are practically blind and use their scent to find each other (no wonder Binky doesn’t bathe) so their square poop won’t fall off the log or […]

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I am the 1%

It started with Occupy Wall Street and has since spread to different parts of the United States and the World. People who are upset about joblessness, opportunities, corporations in bed with government and a host of other things (many legit, several absurd).  Those in the 99%, feel that too much […]

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