Hyenas LOL each Other


This tidbit of information came from my Google Plus friend Mary Zeman.  She sent me this article that explains how bacteria left behind by one hyena can be picked up by other hyenas.   And from this article:  “Other hyenas that sample these leavings can sniff a wealth of information, including […]

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Project Blue Collar – Sonny sings the Blues

6-10-13-Bearman-Cartoon-Project Blue Collar Sonny Sings the Blues

  Did another cartoon for my friends at Project Blue Collar that work to give attention to adopted dogs.   This one was fitting since their spokesperson er dog is named Sonny.  Sonny sings Cher’s song Half breed at a karaoke bar….get it? Sorry I haven’t been visiting the blogosphere. […]

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PikPak at 100

First Guest Cartoon while I am away is Kim Belding’s PicPak Webcomic.   Shown is PicPak the dog at age 100.  Here is how Kim describes the webcomic: Picpak Dog is a simple gag comic that revolves around Picpak, a big pink dog, his wife Wakky, a small blue cat, […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Bad Dog

Today’s cartoon was inspired by a challenge by our friend Jillsy Girl to do a post inspired by childhood memories. I remember my dad liking some crap that the rest of us couldn’t stand, yet we had to eat it because whatever mom made for dinner you had to eat.  […]

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Guest Cartoon: Zorphbert and Fred

There are many cartoonists who I am jealous of for their talent.  One of them is Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert and Fred fame.  The depth that her cartoon has in mere gray scale is amazing and her line work is tops. Well Dawn is getting married and she is going to […]

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