Game of Thrones Poster – The Fox and the Hound


This Game of Thrones Poster that parodies the HBO series. came about last week based on a five minute quick caricature of The Hound from the series. I liked it so much that I thought I should color it.  So 5 minutes turned into a five hour project to give you […]

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Disney buys Lucasfilm Cartoon

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter, you might have already seen this Cartoon meme I did of Mickey Mouse wearing a Darth Vader helmet saying “Luke I am your father now!”.   Yesterday it was announced that Disney was purchasing Lucasfilm (home of […]

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Disney's First Black Princess

What is wrong with this picture? Image Copyright Disney Corp.  Image Source:  Disney Some of my loyal readers might remember a few months back my lamenting the fact that there were no Black Superheroes on the big screen (See that post  here).  Well for those little girls who Disney princesses are […]

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