Disney's First Black Princess

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Image Copyright Disney Corp.
Image Copyright Disney Corp.  Image Source:  Disney

Some of my loyal readers might remember a few months back my lamenting the fact that there were no Black Superheroes on the big screen (See that post  here).  Well for those little girls who Disney princesses are a big thing, it seems the long wait for Disney to finally have a black princess is coming to an end. Tiana in the Princess and the Frog.

I am just happy Disney hasn’t given up completely on hand drawn big screen animated movies.Now the next big controversy will be that her prince is a white guy.  But he isn’t white (at least in the classically defined state your race here confines).  He is actually Brazilian (or at least Hispanic) since  Bruno Campos is the voice of Prince Naveen and he purposefully is showcasing an accent.  Either way the topic of interracial marriage will come up.  I say baby steps.  Soon we might actually see a King George Ford onscreen instead of just in his mind. (inside joke)

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  1. Shawn says:

    I could have sworn Disney said they were closing their traditional animation studios last year. I’m also happy to see this.

  2. alantru says:

    And it only took until 2009.

    Aren’t Disney moving a studio to Vancouver as well?

  3. One hopes that these black cartoon characters aren’t just white cartoon characters in black face. Wake up Disney.

    BTW, when I was a 6 year old kid I appeared in a Fritos commercial filmed at Disneyland. My brush with greatness.

  4. Nate Fakes says:

    Well, whatever race the princess and prince are, I’m happy that Disney is doing a hand-drawn animation film. The computer generated ones are actually becoming “outdated” in my mind. I think people are more drawn, towrard the -well- DRAWN ones.

  5. George says:

    Ill have you know, Mr. Bearman, that there is absolutely NOTHING going on in MY mind, thank you very much!

    I’m glad Disney is taking a step in a long-awaited direction, but they won’t totally be there until I see The Mickey Mouse Clique in “It’s A Small Hood After All”. Hmmm….we may have to draw that. Goofy gets a job as an A&R at the roughest rap label around which is ran by Black Pete (may have to change that name some), Mickey portrays the lovable guy who’s forced to rescue Goof Dawg from Pete’s menacing grip, and the Beagle Boys are gangstas. And don’t forget Chip and Dizz-ale. And Hank wants a cameo. He’s hooked on those things now. 🙂

  6. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great site that you have here too I will check it out further. As to this post I am glad to see that we have our first black princess in cartoon land. I agree its about time, its not like black people JUST started roaming the earth.

  7. G says:


    However, it would be more interesting to see other major animation studios step up to the plate and do this as well.

  8. @bearman Oh, a twitter follower. I will start adding you to my follow fridays 🙂

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