Stand up for WWE: I’m with Vinny

Last week some of you may recall I posted about Surya Yalamanchili, only one of two federal candidates who were not accepting Political Action Committee funds in their campaign.  The other was Linda McMahon, former CEO of the WWE.  Well as Linda’s campaign took on steam, it seemed the press […]

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NBC Rehires Conan for Tonight Show

It seems the finale of the Tonight Show with Conan O’brien was a ratings success.   He almost tripled Letterman’s ratings for the night.  Given the decisions the NBC executives have made the last several seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised at the above outcome. On a similar note, the Team Conan […]

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Team Conan or Team Jay Tshirts

UPDATE: Cafepress in their infinite wisdom has decided to mark the Team Conan shirt image as being reviewed to ensure it meets their Content Usage Policy. So unfortunately anyone who actually likes the shirt won’t be able to buy it until they clear it. Clicking on the Conan Shirt will […]

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