Why AJ Lee Quit the WWE


Why AJ Lee Quit the WWE.  Well she didn’t really quit but rather “retired.”  That is the question on the mind of wrestling fans this past week.  Forgive me those of you who don’t subscribe to the soap opera fanatics that is professional wrestling.

Former Divas (Female) champion abruptly retired after Wrestlemania (the biggest event of the year for the company).  Some have speculated that since coming back, the WWE didn’t have a plan for her storyline and other’s that the travel schedule became difficult on the newlywed and she wanted to spend more time with her husband and also former WWE Champion, CM Punk who quit the company last year.  Unlike Punk’s departure from the company where little to no mention was made, the company posted a message on their website and brought it up on air which means that the departure was amicable.

Typically this type of departure is due to continued injury (ala Edge) or in a rare case, for a female wrestler, pregnancy (ala Kharma).  Given that the departure seemed on good terms, can it be that AJ is actually retiring because of CM’s sPUNK? (ok that is gross but oh too fitting with that name)

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  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Sorry, never heard of her until now. I hope she has a happy retirement though. Seems there is more to this retirement than meets the eye.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  2. Hey, good reason!

  3. Binky says:

    If it was Wombie Wrestling I might have some clue, but no.

  4. Joe says:

    if she were pregnant, she wouldn’t have been taking the bumps she was right before retiring.

  5. Bill Murphy says:

    She came down with Babypregeritis! 😛

  6. Jason says:

    Moving to G.L.O.W. perhaps?

  7. frigginloon says:

    Oh god, don’t tell me the PC brigade NOW have a prob with women wrestling while they’re pregnant….when will this madness stop!!!! Come on, you could have the little foetus kick from the womb …didn’t see that one coming 🙂

  8. Tony McGurk says:

    I guess pregnancy & violent sport doesn’t go well.

  9. Tony McGurk says:

    Maybe she could take up ice hockey, at least they have protective padding

  10. Cha says:

    Funny to read!I didn’t know about her.
    Love cartoon! 🙂
    Hope you’re doing well Bearman!

  11. jynksie says:

    WWE is still a thing- eh? People still think it;s real- eh? It’s just Dancing With The Stars, for those w/ anger management issues! [smirk]

  12. Gruhn says:

    Just wait until she comes back with the kid as a tag team!!

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