Ohio Tourism Board’s Campaign to Attract California Visitors

Ohio Tourism Board's Campaign to Attract California Visitors

The Ohio Tourism Board has a new campaign to attract visitors from California.  RAIN and WATER.  Ok not really but they probably should.

How many of you plan a vacation and say “Hey let’s go to OHIO!!”  Probably not many unless you are coming for a specific event or maybe a regional trip to Kings Island or Cedar Point.   Other than that, Ohio just doesn’t get the respect that other states do when attracting conventions and visitors.

This can all change with the recent news from California, that due to the extended drought conditions, Governor Jerry Brown introduced mandatory water use restrictions.  Ohioans complain about the long gray winters and rain filled springs.  But I think we need to make that our advantage.  Sure there is flooding today but that means more fresh water for all you Californians to consume.

So come to Ohio!

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  1. jynksie says:

    Anyone with an active brain cell, has to be aware that California was never going to be able to meet the natural resource demands of it’s expanding population. You couldn’t pay me to move there, it’s a broken toy!

    Maybe Cleveland could re-brand itself from “the mistake by the lake” to the Mid Wests Lake Tahoe, with water! Offer them enough business credits to their movie making industry and they come flocking. A lot of New England states did this [not mine though] and now… they’re everywhere shooting up a scene, especially in MA. [cringes] Hollywood goes Hot For Cleveland. [smirk]

    • When Hollywood and NY were having Union issues, the Ohio tax credits for movies did come in handy. HOwever once the issues were solved they went back to those states or to save money film in Canada.

  2. George Ford says:

    Well, I guess I’ll mosey on over to your house for a tall glass of water and an extensive sponge bath in your jaccuzzi. You got me, right?

  3. lisleman says:

    One of our daughters went to college in Dayton. Also, I had a project at Wright-Patterson AFB once. So I found that part of Ohio enjoyable. Good point about the water. I don’t know when people will start leaving CA especially Southern CA since they don’t really have enough water to sustain the population there.

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    I know about this drought. I’m living right in the middle of it. We expect to have no lawn at the end of this summer. It’s dry, dry, dry. I still don’t want to go to Ohio.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  5. Binky says:

    Maybe you could give every visitor a 5 gallon jug of water to take home with them.

  6. Deb says:

    What Binky said.
    I really like you drawing, Bearman!

  7. It’s a very successful campaign with Atlanteans. .

  8. Dave says:

    They also can come to northern Germany. The other day it snowed hail, then snowed, then rained, then snowed, and then rained, and then the sun came out and then it snowed and rained some more all thanksto the UK. We know wet too.

    It’s sad when you can’t use one of two pro football teams to attract more visitors. 🙂

  9. Mark Stokes says:

    Ay, oh, way to go, Ohio!

  10. Bill Murphy says:

    Time to invest in water recycling plants!

  11. frigginloon says:

    You should steal Queensland’s slogan …. Beautiful one day, underwater the next 🙂

  12. Tony McGurk says:

    Tasmania has the always rains reputation. It used to years ago but not so much any more. Global warming I s’pose

  13. Cha says:

    OMG I’m learning so much today on Beartoons.com 😀
    I’m serious.

  14. benzeknees says:

    Maybe you should consider exporting some of your excess water to California? Win – win!

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