Archie Andrews Arrested for Polygamy

Archie Andrews Arrested for Polygamy Cartoon

My writing partner Dan Soto was MIA this week so if he comes up for air, I will add the story.  I always was suspect of Archie Andrews never deciding if he wanted to date Betty or Veronica.  I could see him growing up to be a huge polygamist.

Charity Challenge is going great.  Thanks all for the support.  Will update on that on Sunday.

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  1. DadaHyena says:

    He’s also been impersonating a high school student for, what, seventy years?

  2. Bo Lumpkin says:

    At least the comic has been pretty consistant…unlike some of the others that have been around for awhile.
    I wonder if he is in one of those strange cults that have more than one wife.

  3. Ha!
    Big Love. Riverdale.
    Meant to have my post for your challenge ready today (but I’m trying to pull together a very abstract image to go along with it and I’m still a prop short).
    I’ll do my best to have it up and running for Monday, Bearman… fingers crossed…

  4. Friggin Loon says:

    Wow, Archie’s tall!!!! I always thought he was gay…not that there is anything wrong with that!

  5. Deb says:

    Ah, so he’s gone Mormon has he.

  6. He cheated on his wives with Sabrina. Al least that is what Mr. Weatherbee is telling everybody.

  7. Comedy Plus says:

    Makes perfect sense to me too. I’ve always wondered about this as well. Oh wait, we are talking about a cartoon character aren’t we? Bwahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  8. Gotta get to Jughead as well. He’s the brains of the operation!

  9. His wives would probably be upset to find out that he has also been a groupie for Josie and the Pussycats!

  10. Maybe now he’ll get a reality show.

  11. Bearman says:

    Throw it on MTV and it will be a hit.

  12. I wondered the same myself, I think you are right.

  13. Chris K says:

    What is really amazing is who long it is taking him to graduate high school.

  14. DrFaust says:

    haha! awesome

  15. Binky says:

    Anyone who can afford two wives (or husbands) probably deserves them.

  16. Scott says:

    Love it–highly original and very clever!

  17. itravel81 says:

    I’ve lost touch with Archie since 1995.

  18. Tony McGurk says:

    I never got why he was so smitten with Veronica, she seemed too snobby to me. I was a Betty fan.

  19. Mark Stokes says:

    My favorite part is the hair mussed up in the back. Isn’t that always the giveaway for a polygamist, something not quite right with the hair…? Sad to see Archie in such dire straits, but a funny cartoon anyway.

  20. Maybe now he’ll get a reality show 😀

  21. writedood says:

    I’d love to see the episode where the police bust him for this. And being immortal too. “Archie Anderews, you’re guilty of being an immoral immortal.” Maybe Conner McLeod can be called in to cut his head off.

  22. George says:

    I just wonder how nobody ended up pregnant after 75 years. The Chok’lit Shoppe sells the world’s best rubbers. They NEVER break. 😀

  23. Very funny idea. Keep them coming.

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