Movie Poster – Dressed for Success & Scapula

To finish out the guest cartoons we are doing a double post.  First up is Dress for Success from Chris Howard and Jeff Wason.  Dress for Success is a story arc comic that doesn’t feel like a long form comic as the writers keep the dialogue to a minimum or don’t bother using any at all.  Check out the archives to go through the story.  Here is how Chris describes it:

Dressed For Success is the story of Alex Corbett and Walter Andrewkowski, two guys thrown together by chance, now making their way in a crazy universe one adventure at a time. All the while trying to stay one step ahead of the mafia and with the hopes of turning a profit. Begun in the 90’s during the Indie boom, DFS is back on the web and ready for new adventures. As with our earlies stories, we produced a series of movie parody posters. Most were just for fun and to tease people before we started our new story, but the Crystal Skull poster was actually the title page for our first new story, Mississauga Jay and the Lost Shrine of the Osars. The Hangover parody proved very popular, and could lead into an actual story in the future. Alex and Walter have traveled back in time once already, and an even more convoluted messed up time story with Philip, (the guy in the back) helping them wouldn’t be out of the question. The baby Mafia alien is a total wild card. 

All the parody posters are viewable here:

Aidan Casserly Rocky Horror Show Scapula Spoof for

Rounding out the Guest Movie Posters we return to Aidan Casserly of Scapula fame in his rendition of Scapula ala The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Thanks to all my Guest Cartoonists for helping out during my break.  Hope you readers have enjoyed it.

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  1. Friggin Loon says:

    The Rocky Horror poster is cool and now I can’t get the friggin song out of my head 🙁

    No one can handle the truth!

  2. speaking of, can i get a do over on like, everything since high school?

    hey, good to have you back (almost) bear.

  3. Bo Lumpkin says:

    All the guest posters have been awesome. You bring out the best in folks Bearman.

  4. Roland says:

    The two posters are freakin sweet! Love Casserly’s Rocky Horror Picture Show one! looks creepy.

  5. David says:

    Bearman, I’m lovin’ all of these! This was a brilliant idea!

  6. What a great end to your challenge, Bearman! Really enjoyed these, and looking forward to your triumphant return as well, sir! 🙂

  7. FJ says:

    Nice job by all your guests Bearman.

  8. They both look cool. The artwork in the second is phenomenal! I’ll head over to check them both out.

  9. lisleman says:

    Rocky Horror Picture was a great film that I missed when it first came out. Wrong time in my life for it. I’m not sure if there will be another one like that. Audience interaction was really special.

    • DadaHyena says:

      You really need to see it live. As a movie, it’s pretty awful (especially if you’re watching it alone), but in a theatre/club full of insane folks in lingerie it’s a blast. Give it a shot.

  10. Ron-Yves says:

    Wow—that’s awesome—although the scruffy thighs on that classy gal on the love-seat are disturbing indeed…

  11. Tony says:

    Makes me wanna put on my wife’s lingerie & dance. It’s just a jump to the left da da da da da da da. Darn I jumped too far & caught my suspender belt on the wardrobe handle, now I’m stuck hanging like this

  12. George says:

    This is one of the all-around, best works of art I’ve seen come from the Casserly Camp. Aidan really “got his swerve on”, if you’ll pardon my vernacular. 🙂

    • DadaHyena says:

      Thanks a million, George!

      “Casserly Camp”…probably in the vein of Auschwitz or Warsaw, only with ten thousand puns instead of gas chambers.

  13. George says:

    I like the Dressed For Success “Do-Over” poster so much that I went to check out the site. Very nice work. Thanks for getting all of these various cartoonists and artists to expose themselves, Bearman.

  14. nursemyra says:

    Is that me in the background of Scapula?

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