Laura and Jammers are Bearmaniacs

So waiting in my mailbox yesterday were TWO; Count ’em TWO people sending their BEARMANia love to me.  Well Jammers actually is about half but I’ll count it!!

First up was Laura AKA Midwest Mom AKA one half of the great women behind Hmm Sweet Splendid Wisdom.  She, like Dave, is not only a BEARMANiac but she and her daughter are obviously also BEAR maniacs.  Thanks Laura.

Midwest Mom Bearmaniac

Then there was this puzzling image from Jammer:

Jammer Bearmaniac

“Jammer’s shoe is a Bearmaniac”  Jammer I know you are shy but if your shoe is the BEARMANiac, then why is your foot and leg involved?  And why only one shoe?  And are you planning to go fishing or do you just keep your crap laying around the floor?   I am thinking you could have at least bought some BEARMAN Barbecue sauce and poured it over your feet.

Thanks to all for their continued support.  I am going broke.

Don’t forget the charity challenge. Click link for how you can help at no cost to you.

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29 Responses to “Laura and Jammers are Bearmaniacs”

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  1. Bo Lumpkin says:

    If you go broke donating to charity we will have to have a Bear-a-thon to help get you back on your feet. If it was Jammer it would be back on his foot since only one of his seems to participate.

  2. Midwest Mom has one impressive bear collection – it must take at least an hour to feed them all!

    I’m kinda’ wondering if there is any significance to the fact it’s Jammer’s left shoe that’s the Bearmanic?


  3. jammer5 says:

    I’d bring my right shoe into the picture, but it’s rather shy 🙁

    • jammer5 says:

      Pour BBQ sauce over my mega-expensive wally-world shoe? Dude! And one never knows when serious flooding might take place and I can then fish from my second story apartment. Boy scouts, dude: Be Prepared 🙂

  4. MidwestMom says:

    That is only a portion of our bears, I could only fit so many into one basket.. Thanks Bearman you rock!!! 🙂

  5. Tony says:

    That’s a lotta bears from Midwest Mom
    Jammers shoe really rocks.

    Dixie says: Hey Mista Bearman that BEARMANiac shoo looks reely nys & chooy, kan I hav it so I kan do sum chooing on it???

  6. Chris W. says:

    I might have a basket full of bears if I can gather them all up…

  7. Friggin Loon says:

    I am assuming Jammers foot stinks like a bear’s butt or he wants the ladies to know his shoe size 🙂

  8. nursemyra says:

    the other shoe is cheating on you

  9. Two fine photos, some heavy duty bearophiliacs and jammers! Say J5, who taught you to do shoes laces up like that FFS?

  10. danineteen says:

    I’m trying to find something that resembles a bear in the shoe, but I might be wrong in assuming that there actually is something there.

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