Hot Tub Time Machine & Craigslist

Buying a Hot Tub Time Machine on Craigs List

John Cusack has a new movie out called Hot Tub Time Machine where he and his friends go back to the 80’s.  This cartoon was inspired by a conversation with a friend who wanted to know if someone would buy a used mattress on craigslist.  Craigslist is an online classified ad site.  I figured anyone would buy anything on craigslist and a quick search proved me right.

Which suggests many questions:

–  What is the weirdest thing you have bought online or saw for sale online?
–  If you could go back in time, what year would you go back to?
–  If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self (and no using the obvious around giving yourself ways to make easy money like lottery numbers, stock tips, etc)?

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55 Responses to “Hot Tub Time Machine & Craigslist”

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  1. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Those are a lot of questions you have there. (Great comic by the way.)
    I don’t know about the wierd stuff. I buy all my stuff at yard sales where I can look at it before I buy it.
    If I could go back it would probably be back to the 60’s when I was a teenager and I would say to myself, “Don’t do that stupid. You are going to get old someday and regret it.”

    • Bearman says:

      But do you buy weird stuff at yard sales??

      • Bo Lumpkin says:

        Yeah, I buy weird stuff but sometimes I find some good stuff too. I bought a Heat Transfer press for T-shirts for $2 last fall and a roll top desk for $20 last spring. I wouldn’t buy a used mattress though. I have seen them for sale.

  2. MidwestMom says:

    The weirdest thing I have seen at a yardsale was a keychain made out of some sort of metal when its not moving the man and woman were standing up but when it moved they were doing “it” doggie style.. also I would go back in time when I was 10 when my parents were getting a divorce and insisted that I could spend more time with my dad. I miss him dearly RIP dad..

  3. Nate Fakes says:

    At least it didn’t take him back to the 80’s

  4. I’m gonna’ have to do some contemplating on those questions, Bearman … something that comes to mind right away, though is that Barney’s ancestor was even more annoying than he is (I bet he never even sang that guy a song before he made him into lunch)! 🙂

    • Bearman says:

      He knows it is not polite to sing with your mouth full.

      • Okay …
        This doesn’t really fit your online ‘sale’ question but there’s a rumor that Robert met Annabelle on a penpal site. I will neither confirm nor deny.
        I always thought the 20’s sounded kinda’ fun for some reason (maybe all that roaring you hear about). Anyway, in many respects I’ve not advanced with time beyond about 1998 (I don’t care what everyone says – grunge is cool).
        Not sure what I would tell myself. Probably to grow up. Or not to waste so much money on random junk (although everyone needs at least one chi-pet). 🙂

  5. Dan says:

    I would go back to October 12, 2007 and sell *everything* short.

  6. jynksie says:

    I knew DINO had a dark side!! *grin*

  7. Roland says:

    Hilarious! Tho if you were buying a time machine, know full well what it would do, I think you would “pack” a little more appropiate. Unfortunately I cannot get too indepth as I would want to about the whole time travel talk, because when it comes to that, I over analyze everything and go cross-eyed.

    • Bearman says:

      I don’t believe in that whole screwing up the space time continuum. My feeling is that you already came back in time so you couldn’t screw anything up.

  8. jammer5 says:

    I would head back to just before Jimi Hendrix croaked, and save him. I would give anything to see where he would be at, music wise, today. Or I would go back and talk Glen beck’s mom into an abortion 🙂 Or, ignoring your don’ts, head back with all the winners of super bowls 🙂

  9. A favorite party game “Bobbing for people”

    Dinosaurs love it!

  10. I’d go back to 1975 and listen to my parents; yes that girl will not make a good wife. Realised 20 years too late…

  11. Reiko Eoh says:

    Love your cartoon (and subject!) Bear! :0) Funny!

  12. G says:

    Don’t shop online so I can’t answer that, but the wierdest job I saw posted was on our state job site for a ferry captain.

    I would go back to 1987.

    And I would tell my younger self not to propose to my wife.

    Further more, only God and myself really know whether or not I was being serious about #3.

  13. Friggin Loon says:

    Oooh question and answer time…

    1.Drive-in speakers and a parking meter.
    2.I would want to go back to 1964 (well before I was born) and be behind the fence of the grassy knoll in Texas so I could see who friggin really shot Kennedy.
    3.Oh for goodness sakes don’t start a blog 🙂

  14. DadaHyena says:

    Well, the other commentators have beat me to the “Barney” and “Dino” references, so I’ll just mention Denver the Last Dinosaur. For those who don’t remember, “Denver the Last Dinosaur” was an 80’s cartoon with a very…questionable theme song:

    “Denver, the Last Dinosaur, he’s my friend and a whole lot more…”

    A whole lot more? Meaning…what, exactly? Does that mean ‘friends with benefits’…with a DINOSAUR?!! A friggin’ DINOSAUR?!! Who was friends with KIDS?!! IT MADE NO SENSE! I’M LOSING MY SANITY OVER A DINOSAUR CARTOON! I NEED A TIME-TRAVELING HOT TUB TO GO BACK TO THE 80’S AND FIGURE THIS MADNESS OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! QUICK! GET MY MEDS!!! CALL THE NURSE!!! I’M TWEAKIN’, MAN, I’M TWEAKIN’!!!

  15. nursemyra says:

    I’d go back to 2001, it was the best year of my life.

    I don’t buy online but I’m a big garage sale, auction and thrift market shopper. The weirdest thing I ever saw for sale was a polystyrene box lined with aluminium foil at an auction house.

    My ex husband once bought a unicycle and a carton of 120 remaindered books at an auction, he didn’t look inside the carton and they turned out to be all the same, some boring treatise on a 1970s naval frigate. Whenever anyone came over for drinks or a bbq he used to whip out a book, autograph it and present it to the guest as a “thank you for coming” present. No one ever knew what to do or say with the stupid things, bet they just took them home and dumped them straight in the bin. We did get rid of them all in the end though

  16. ok, um.

    1. i don’t get it when people go through the hassle of listing crap under 5$. are you kidding me? if you are going to take the risk of having some random stranger from the internet come to your house and possibly kidnap you, it better be for more than a 5 spot.

    2. i would go back to the 50s. my mom is always talking about how great it was. anything earlier than that and i might not have running water or some crap like that. no thanks.

    3. stop dissing on me for getting sidetracked when i was responding to my comments. oh wait, was that one of the questions?

  17. FJ says:

    Is this Barney’s doppleganger?

  18. George says:

    I would tell my younger self the best way to pick up chicks (and which ones to place back down).

  19. Tony says:

    I would tell my younger self, don’t eat so much sweet stuff & don’t drink lottsa coke so your older self will still have all his teeth later in life.
    I’d go back to 1982 on the day I married my 1st wife & make sure I said “I Don’t”

  20. lynn says:

    1. well, i just rented a condo on craigslist a couple of months ago.
    2. i’ve had a touch life and dont want to go back to the past at all. the present is so awesome!
    3. i’d say, “Lynn, missing 54 days your first semester of your senior year isnt a good idea. it’s gonna suck having to pick up your diploma after attending summer school!!”… seems i spent too much time on the lake skiing that semester! Aargh!
    (but honestly, i wouldnt have had it any other way…that was a lot of fun! the only thing it hurt was my pride.)

  21. 25BAR says:

    brilliant colours!

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