Jeff Jena Big Hollywood

Hey check out a pic I did for my friend Jeffrey Jena over at Big Hollywood (also cross posted on his site).    In his day job (or should I say night job), Jeff Jena is a rare commodity because he can actually make a living doing stand up comedy.  He also teaches stand up to aspiring comedians (and even aspiring cartoonists).  And don’t let him fool you in his publicity shot; whatever he had left of his hair is pretty much gone.

* Jammer, Big Holywood is the exact opposite of Prairie Populists.  See I can have friends on both sides of the political spectrum.

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  1. frigginloon says:

    Hey Bearman, got ya condoms yet? Seems you are making quite a stir over at Trippin Rip’s pad … Hmm, maybe Jeff could use it in his next routine 🙂 Love ya work!

  2. frigginloon says:

    “Bearman Condoms…we’ll change your toon”

  3. bschooled says:

    Don’t worry Bearman, I got you covered.

    (Well, technically your “comic-friendly prophylactics” got you covered, but that’s neither here nor there…)

    I’ll have a novella-sized list of slogans for you by sunrise.

  4. Brogan says:

    “Bearman condoms…Let yourself Roar!!” 😀

  5. Susi Spice says:

    “let your little buddy come out of hibernation.. Bearman condoms for the little bear in all of us… ”

    ?? just taking a stab at it.. lol

  6. Hilarious one and all…go to the next post to claim your funny!!!

  7. jammer5 says:

    Coming soon: Bearman designer condoms. For those who want to hibernate in complete safety. Wear it to that next Salmon hunt. You never know when that special bear might come along.


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