Coffee, Tea or Depends

I worked on this editorial cartoon before I read that they are pulling back on the regulations but it still is a harsh reminder of how the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) can have a knee jerk reaction.

After the failed terror attempt on a Northwest Flight last week the following regulations went into effect for international flights:

  • Limiting international passengers to a single carry-on bag
  • Second-round security checks, including manual pat downs and body searches
  • On certain flights, disabling the map showing the plane’s progress and location
  • Prohibiting passengers from having blankets or pillows in their laps for the last hour of the flight
  • Requiring passengers to remain seated for the last hour of the flight
  • Now I have no problem with any of those things to promote security EXCEPT for the last one.  It is at the point in  the flight that they say I can’t get up for the bathroom, that I tend to always have to go.  There were domestic flights that I took after 9/11 that they told us we would not be able to get up during the flight (less than 2 hours) so we had better go to the bathroom before boarding.  Of course that was after I chugged a bottle of water.

    When those of us with weak bladders and spastic colons are hindered in our ability to go when needed, then and only then have the terrorists really won.

    12 28 09 Bearman Cartoon Airline Security

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    1. Bo Lumpkin says:

      Now they will have to pass out piddle packs along with the barf bags. Could make the last hour of flight very interesting. I ain’t worried about it though cause I ain’t goin’ nowhere.



    4. nursemyra says:

      I don’t see how they can possibly enforce that last rule. Unless it really is true that they put Immodium in airline food to counteract the diarrhea effects of their food preparation……

      • I flew the other day and had to pee so bad after take off. I waited and waited. Finally she was bringing the cart down the aisle towards me. I knew if I didn’t jump then I would get stuck so I jumpted before the announcement. Flight attendant wasn’t happy but they announced it when I was in the bathroom.

    5. MidwestMom says:

      Well let’s see them try to prevent a toddler who is not dependent on pull-ups from using the bathroom I’m sure the flight attendants do not want to clean up a soaked seat. I’m all for safety of the passengers but I know my kids drinks or not it never fails they always have to use the bathroom no matter if we have been in the car 5 minutes or 5 hours after a bathroom break

    6. spilledinkguy says:

      I thought that’s what those little paper bags were for! 😉

    7. Lynn says:

      ah man bearman…that’s really good ~and timely too! perfect!

    8. Siegfried says:

      It’s just a matter of time before each and every passenger starts getting thoroughly strip searched before getting on a plane. Here’s hoping. I mean, what is this world coming to?! Geeezusss.

      • Been there. About a year after 9/11 I had a security agent make me do a wand check after I didn’t set the security thing off.

        No biggie. I don’t mind the extra security.

        At one point he made me unbuckle my belt so he could wave his wand over both ends of the open belt.

        No biggie. I don’t mind the extra security.

        Then he takes his hand and reaches it in the front of my waistband. He didn’t like it when I said “aren’t you gonna buy me dinner first”

    9. MidwestMom says:

      After reading the comments between you and Spilled ink I need one of those paper bags LOL

    10. yorksnbeans says:

      When I heard that ridiculous suggestion I said to myself I’ll never fly again if they decide to enforce it.

    11. Brogan says:

      Yikes!! Yeah, I saw that on the weather channel. My only thought was ‘really’?!?

    12. George says:

      That gentlemen should be the guy with the very satisfied expression on his face. 😀

    13. It all reminds me of a song…

      “I’m leaving on a jet plane… don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

    14. bschooled says:


      I’m with you, Bearman. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I will always do it. Even if I don’t need to.

      It’s a trait I picked up as a child, and what can I say. It stuck.

    15. It’s a conspiracy between the FAA and the manufacturers of Depends.. Instead of Red Box videos, they’ll install Depends vending machines in all the airport bathrooms and on the walkways to your plane (though wait, how would you get them on?) hmm… Marketing will need to thoroughly research this.

      I’ve never tried peeing in a cup (outside of Dr. office) or bag, so don’t think that’s gonna work for me.

    16. Donald Mills says:

      Next thing you know, you won’t be able to smoke on planes either.

      Happy New Year Bearman.

    17. frigginloon says:

      The problem is the poor sucker who gets 12c next 🙁

    18. jammer5 says:

      They also won’t allow you to have a blanket covering your lap for the final hour of the flight . . . Oh, the possibilities 🙂

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