Bearman Cartoon: David Letterman

David Letterman admitted this week to having at least one affair with a staffer and at least one other has come out. His production company is known as Worldwide Pants. As the title of this editorial cartoon says “Worldwide Pants INDEED”.

10 4 09 Bearman Cartoon David Letterman copy

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No Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: David Letterman”

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  1. nursemyra says:

    Why is it such a big deal in America? Is he married?

    • Yes he is but the alleged affairs happened before (I think) The reason it has so much buzz is because

      1. Someone tried to extort money from him in order to keep it a secret
      2. He has in the past made fun of other politicians and celebs for the same thing so people think it is Karma
      3. He slept with his subordinates. Most US companies frown upon sleeping with someone who works for you.

  2. frigginloon says:

    Geez Bearman why did he sleep with such ugly women? I certainly hope the middle one is a woman and that’s her nose!!!!!

  3. I see it as proof that as fugly as a person may be, they can still get laid if they’re funny.

  4. Nate Fakes says:

    Good for Letterman. Who hasn’t slept with co-workers at one point in time?

  5. John K says:

    at least we know why he took so long to get married!

  6. David says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the Larry King affairs. There’s gotta be some attraction in older talk show hosts. Maybe it’s the Polydent taste?

  7. George says:

    Women love guys that can make them laugh. That’s how I got married, anyway. πŸ™‚ Nice Dave, B!

  8. Sheila Deeth says:

    Wonder how many extortionists are getting away with it. Neat cartoon.

  9. tannerleah says:

    If Dave is taking the best looking ones, I would hate to see the leftovers that Paul has to bang. Oh well, he’s Canadian so he probably doesn’t care, eh?

  10. Paul says:

    Is that Reese Witherspoon on the right?! Great cartoon!

  11. Thank Goodness I not rich or funny!

    Besides I am proud of all the people I have….hmmm…Danced with naked.
    True story, after I insisted I had no idea who someone was and that I had never ever, ever met them before…My husband tired of being wrong blurted…Yes you Do know him-You slept with him!
    To that I said “OH that Steve.”

  12. spilledinkguy says:

    Seems like there’s enough fodder for many-a top 10 lists here! πŸ™‚

    • Top 10 Reasons to Sleep with your boss David Letterman..

      10. He may let you sit on the couch after your stand up routine
      9. He will put you on TV (unfortunately it interviewing the guys at the deli)
      8. Because he is not Paul.
      7. Jay Leno’s member is just too big
      6. He is done taping by 7PM and has the clout to get a table at a fancy NY restaurant
      5. You can tell all your future lovers that you slept with a celebrity and expect the same high flying celebrity lifestyle with them.
      4. You can remind him about the years he used to have a funny show
      3. He keeps the old fountain from the show in his bedroom.
      2. He’ll leave the light on for you
      1. You can win a boat load of money suing for sexual harassment later

  13. Bear,
    The whole thing proves that there are a lot of women out there who could care less what a man looks like as long as he’s rich and famous.

    Great cartoon.

  14. AndyCarolan says:

    Is it really such a big deal if this happened before he was married though? – oh well, cant hurt ratings can it πŸ˜‰

  15. i always thought he looked like a perv, but i wasn’t exactly sure.

    now i know.

    i mean, really girls? could he BE any more unattractive?

  16. susi spice says:

    I have never thought david letterman was funny but this incident was hilarious to me after his go’s at other celebs and their indiscretions hehe.

    A response to your 10 reasons to sleep with David Letterman:

    10. Your hair wont get caught between his front teeth
    9. Paul Shaffer will probably play a little jingle while your at it
    8. Obama will say “Can America forgive David for this? I say..YES WE CAN”
    7. The cast of The Brady Bunch would be proud especially Mrs Brady
    6. You will get your 15mins of fame as the new Bachelorette
    5. Kanye West will interrupt your national TV apology claiming that HE was the best one David Letterman slept with all year.
    4. Beyonce will release a single called “If you like it then you shoulda put a lid on it”
    3. It will make the staff at the Oprah show really jealous
    2. Your profile on will be inundated by old ugly rich men who think they have a chance.
    and the number 1 reason to sleep with David Letterman

    He will smoke his cigar instead of…..

  17. I think people are missing the point with this Letterman case. He heads his organization and it is a policy in most companies that you do not date or have any affairs with your employees. The ramifications from those can be detrimental.

    I wanted him to suffer more. I mean in this case you may have consulting adults but many employees are forced to sleep with their boss just to keep their jobs.

  18. susi spice says:

    Corve DaCosta…. dont be a square bear… of course its funny and of course we’ve missed the point thats why its funny πŸ˜›

  19. Danica says:

    Very clever! As always πŸ˜€

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