Bearman Cartoon: Tuition Refunds

So while reading the Friggin Loon the other day, I notice a story about a woman named Trina Thompson who is suing her alma mater Monroe College because she has not been able to get a job.  Her claim is that it is the universities fault and she would like a refund of her $70,000 tuition.

8 3 09 Bearman Cartoon College Refunds copy

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get a refund for things that didn’t go exactly as we planned.  Some things for me would be:

– Refund from my dates that I shelled out alot of money for dinner only to find out that they decided after the first five minutes that they weren’t all that into me.

– Refund from my personal trainer because after 3 years of paying him, I still don’t have six pack abs.  Even though I only work out really once a week and still eat what I want.  But really it is his fault.

So what would you like a refund for? 


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37 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Tuition Refunds”

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  1. Sweats Model says:

    Refund for all of the money I’ve shelled out for wrinkle-reducing creams, eye puffiness erasers and makeup. I still don’t look like Halle Berry.

  2. alantru says:

    Refund for every “Angel” LP I ever bought. What the hell was I thinking?

  3. cbabin says:

    I want a refund for all of the hair spray I purchased during the 80’s and I think the money should come from Jon Bon Jovi … if it wasn’t for him we’d probably still have an ozone layer!

  4. MidwestMom says:

    I want a refund Publishers Clearing House for all the stamps I used and I’m still not a winner..

  5. i’d like a refund on the past 5 years.

    cus wow. they definitely didn’t go as planned

  6. tannerleah says:

    bearman, I think we must have the same trainer. How can he not overcome a few beers and Twinkies?

    I also want a refund for all of the guitar gear I have. I still don’t sound like Jeff Beck.

  7. Nate Fakes says:

    She should have just dropped out like everyone else!

    People piss me off with things like this. There was a story on the radio about a robber who sued the guy that put his head through glass in his own home that was being robbed! The robber won!

  8. John K says:

    great comic.

    I think her lawsuit is both awesome and awful. I love that she is trying to get her tuition back but I mean come on now lady!

  9. spilledinkguy says:

    I want a refund from the SeaMonkeys I bought … I followed all the directions but I don’t even see movement, much less crowned dudes playing with a little ball! 🙂

  10. yorksnbeans says:

    For all the furniture in my house. It just doesn’t look as good as the day I purchased it.

  11. Tony says:

    Yes I want a seamonkey refund too, I was extremely disappointed as a child that I only had little sperm like things instead of the crowned dudes playing with balls & stuff. Unlike spilledinkguy at least I had movement, even if it did look like someone ejaculated into my bottle of water

  12. Lynn says:

    i’d like a refund for my waxing cause the hair grew back!!

  13. D. Long says:

    Oh man, I wish I had a better one than refunds for bad dates, but that’s gotta be the top one on my list.

  14. bschooled says:

    BM, I want a refund for all the money I shelled out at a bar called “Cowboys”, that claims to be “The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Boots On”.

    Turns out it isn’t.

  15. Sheila Deeth says:

    Ah, if refunds could just re-fund, my son’s college bills might be fully funded.

  16. NobblySan says:

    If we’re talking refunds, I’ll go for the big one….. ALL THE TAX I’VE PAID SINCE I STARTED WORK IN 1976.

    I’ve not seen a fat lot for it, except successive British governments blowing it on wars, from The Falklands (to keep Thatcher in power) through to Afghanistan and Iraq (to keep the Yanks happy).

    I’m not happy about any of it, and I want my bloody money back.

    [rant ends]

  17. Nic says:

    I doubt she’s planning to hand her degree back if she did get the money back. Something for nothing, sounds like that’s her mindset. The college owed her an education but it does not owe her a job. It did not even owe her a degree. Your education is what you make of it and it hasn’t guaranteed employment for quite some time now. Anyone expecting to be able to just wander into graduate jobs after college is just very, very naive.


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