Bearman Cartoon: Elvis Jackson

It must be tough being an Elvis Impersonator these days. People who were alive when Elvis was are becoming older and now with the untimely death of Michael Jackson, you will have all his impersonators cashing in. Them along with people hawking t-shirts and other unlicensed crap (as well as the occassional editorial cartoonist taking advantage of the situation).

So my three predictions:

1. Michael Jackson Impersonators will be getting alot of work.
2. Debbie Rowe will come out and say Michael is NOT the biological father of his children in her attempt to get custody (or at least more money)
3. Someone will link prediction 2 with Billy Jean (ie. The kids not my son) in either song or late night joke form.

6 28 09 Bearman Cartoon Michael Jackson Elvis Impersonator copy

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  1. spilledinkguy says:

    Hahaha – tough room! Maybe Bob should have opened with a moonwalk!

  2. Davis says:

    thanks for the great cartoon

  3. danineteen says:

    Nice one!

  4. nursemyra says:

    oh i dunno… maybe if Bob lost a little weight and invested in some hair product

  5. yorksnbeans says:

    I think we’ll be hearing and seeing alot of Debbie for the next couple of years.

  6. susi spice says:

    hehe love the cartoon!
    ps your predictions…psychic! you should become a celebrity psychic… “i see in your future that you will suffer from some sort of substance addiction…”
    “i see in your future that you will have a leaked sex tape available for $29.29 with partial royalties going to paris hilton”

    and you can sell unlicensed crap off celebrities!? dude i gotta get into some of that… perhaps i should start cashin in on the next crazy celeb… hehe

    • Yes Susi…I am psychic. I am getting vibes for you.

      1. You will come into some money (probably in the form of a paycheck)
      2. Someone from your past will show up (probably on facebook)
      3. You or someone you know is now pregant.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Brilliant cartoon…worthy of syndication.

  8. LOL. Well, you can’t blame the guy for trying. Although, mixing arguably the two most influential singers of all time can’t hurt…..or can it?

  9. haha. oh man. i can only imagine how many people will try to break into the michael impersonation market now. although, there are alot of options. any individual, male or female, with any shade of skin will do.

  10. I agree the impersonators will start coming out soon. I personally find that thought creepy.

  11. r u saying i suck at my current career?!?!

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