Bearman Cartoon: Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

Most of you know I tend not to take shortcuts and put real images in my cartoons…yet drawing these iconic posters would not have created the impact I wanted.

I also struggled with how to caption this. In the end I went with just the title “Lost Youth”. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it refers to losing two icons too young or the guy in the cartoon is lamenting his own lost youth.

I find it strange though that as we lose the stars of our own youth that it does reinforce you don’t get any younger. I just wonder when I will turn into my parents whereby the first thing I go to in the paper is the obituary section to see if anyone I know has passed away.

6 25 09 Bearman Cartoon Michael Jackson Farrah copy

Image Sources: Thriller – Iposters and Farrah – Posters57

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  1. Perfect.

    Very well done my friend.

  2. yorksnbeans says:

    Couldn’t visualize it any better. It’s exactly how I feel. Such a sad day.

  3. Shawn says:

    I love it. Agreed with Yorks.

  4. Rohfun says:

    Ohh God!!
    Michael Jackson, `King of Pop, dead

  5. George says:

    Both of these figures had an impact on my life when I was younger. It just seems unreal that that they’re not gonna live forever. Somehow, their passing makes my own mortality seem realer.

  6. tannerleah says:

    I must be the only one that is conflicted on this. When I think of Mike, the words “Jesus Juice” pop straight into my head.

  7. Nate Fakes says:

    Two big talents are gone now. It’s amazing watching all of those video clips of Mike how much of his music had an impact – even though yes, he was ruled out by many for being “weird”.

  8. John K says:

    I really like the feel of a photograph in a cartoon, (or art piece in general) I totally dont see it as cheating.

  9. Lynn says:

    yes i agree, talent is talent! honestly though, the first thing I thought is, “well the thunder of farrahs’ death will be completely overshadowed with this news about michael jackson now. i’m afraid there will not be much coverage on her now. love the cartoon bearmancartoons. yes they were strange iconic enigmas of our past in the entertainment sense. crative of you to add the real posters with your cartoon. p.s. you’ve got a cool looking pad here. I’ll be back.

    • bearman says:

      No need for all the formality Lynn. Bearman or bear or butthead will do. No need to call me bearman cartoons. Glad u found me outside the cooment section on others blogs

  10. spilledinkguy says:

    Your cartoon says a thousand words – very well done, indeed!

  11. womaninblack says:

    Lost youth indeed – hours of my time spent singing ‘I Want You Back’ in my first car and being annoyed that I had to wait until the tape wound back before I could listen to it again…
    BTW Have FINALLY got round to updating my blogroll. And, of course, you’re on it x

    • bearman says:

      I was jealous of my friends who had cassette players that would fast forward to the next song and then stop.
      Thanks for the add.10 more dollars to the charity drive

  12. Sheila Deeth says:

    Just wondering – lost innocence when I was young and Lennon died, lost youth now…

  13. wow… i was WAY off. i thought he was having an internal conflict over which poster to get off to. but then he realized they were both dead, so his fantasies wouldn’t quite be as effective. and then he got sad.

    sorry, i had a long night.

    • bearman says:

      All my fantasies include dead people (well when they were alive b/c now in my mind they can’t reject me…not meaning one who fantasizes about doing the really dead).

  14. alantru says:

    Your drawing made me wonder “What if MJ and FF had had children together?”

  15. G says:

    Nice tasteful cartoon.

    As much as I dispised MJ as a person (and he was in my top five list of people I don’t like), you can’t dismiss what he did strictly for music.

    As for Farrah, well…hmmm…., I guess I can’t say much about her. I mean, even though she was a 70’s pinup icon, she really didn’t do anything for me. Didn’t like Charlie’s Angels, nor did I watch any of her movies.

  16. A very sad day. We lost to great icons yesterday. Great cartoon.

  17. That’s really nice Bear. Can I post it on my blog?

  18. jammer5 says:

    Two Iconic people gone in one week. How many of us fantasized over that picture of Farrah; how many of us danced to songs like Thriller in the privacy of our bedrooms? Awesome talent, Bearman; that cartoon is iconic it itself.

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