Bearman Cartoon: Fallen Princesses (Fiona)

Several days ago, Larry Fire had an interesting post about Canadien photographer Dina Goldstein’s recent project on Fallen Princesses.   Here is one of them…check them all out on her site:

Fallen Princess Cinderella by Dina Goldstein

Fallen Princess Cinderella by Dina Goldstein

So not to leave well enough alone, I thought there were some princesses she missed, including Princess Fiona from Shrek.  Maybe Lord Farquad did get some attention before Fiona married Shrek.   For my overseas friends, Maury is a reference to talk show host Maury Povich who 9 times out of 10 is doing a show on people trying to prove or disprove the paternity of a baby.

6 16 09 Bearman Cartoon Fallen Princesses 

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  1. Nate Fakes says:

    She “kind of” looks like Shrek. Just not green – or an ogre – or…nevermind.

  2. Shawn says:

    Shrek! In the case of Little Master Farquaad, you are NOT the father.

  3. yorksnbeans says:

    switched at birth for sure!

  4. John says:

    I’d love to see THAT Maury show!

    You ought to send him the cartoon at least, Bearman. I bet he’d get a kick out of it.

  5. nursemyra says:

    I love Dina Goldstein’s work, especially her Rapunzel

    Maury is on daytime tv over here, I’ve seen him once or twice when I’ve been home sick….. wait, maybe I saw home once or twice and THEN I was sick……

    Funny cartoon bearman

  6. You are right. Even my son knows Maury’s term “you are NOT the father”. Funny cartoon.

  7. LOL, very funny. It looks like Shrek has a problem. P.S. I’m going to put your cause up on my blog tomorrow, with the url and all the works. Thank you again for everything that you do, you are great.

  8. George says:

    Great comic! I had to do a double-take at Shrek’s “finger”, though. It amuses me to no end. 😀

  9. John K says:

    I love the photograph, thanks for the great link…. and going on maury is actually a fear of mine.

  10. hahaha! thats hilarious. especially, cus i sit home all day and inevitably have to turn the channel at some point because there is a “paternity test” episode of maury on and all kinds of on stage fighting. seriously, does he ever do any type of show other than that these days? maury really went down hill.

  11. bearman says:

    About once every 3 months I get done working early and catch the 5PM of Maury. EVERYTIME it is paternity.

    Then again, I saw Jerry Springers first show in Cincinnati and he said he wanted to do a different type of talk show. What it turned into wasn’t what he meant.

  12. alantru says:

    Hahaha! De-lightful!

    Love the sitcom “oh well!” look on her face. Very nice.

  13. G says:

    Somehow, I picture the kid being a bit more tiny, in keeping with how incredibly short Lord Farquad was.


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