New Cartoon Wednesday

Don’t have a new one myself but some of my favorite “undiscovered” cartoonists have new toons up that you should check out.

Addanac City – A comic strip about Hank Addanac (part Dennis the Menace, part Bart Simpson, part Michael Meyers).

Calamities of Nature – when animals talk, people listen. (even though he was on the front page of Digg yesterday, I’ll still put him in here)

Life with Kreg – if Jeff Spicoli were a teenager today.

Spud Comics – The Far Side without the Cows

The Frustrated Cartoonist – Mad Magazine contibutor.  Part webcomic, part diary.

And while not a cartoonist herself, The Daily Uplift, has an hilarious animated commercial for Bontrust Bank.  You have to wait for it though.

Anyone else a cartoonist that people should check out. Put it in the comments section.


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  1. Shawn says:

    Went and checked em all out. All great (well, I’d already known about Addanac City.) I never knew there were so many quality comics out there online. Now, answer me this (and you may have a higher opinion of their work than me): why is crap like Cyanide and Happiness and XKC–whatever it is–so popular when you guys are turning out work like this?

  2. alantru says:

    It’s all good stuff. Thanks fo the heads up. This is funny, I work wth a ton of animators and I should be able to share at least one with you… Of course, I rarely get to meet these people. Probably why I can’t remember any names off the top of my head.

  3. Shawn, I read through some of their stuff (wasn’t familiar). Sure the cartooning is elementary but mine aint much better and they did have a couple funny gags.

    Alan…what exactly does Hamish Industries do that they would have animators…propaganda HR films?

    Its funny that George came here today…commented on my previous cartoon but didn’t comment on the post that included him. George is your dial up browser a day late in getting my posts.

  4. Thanks for speading the love Bear, good stuff. BTW, someone searched “nacked bearman” and clicked on my blog. I assume nacked is naked or nekkid??? Anyway, you should know someone out there is looking for a nude bearman. Be warned.

  5. There were some cool links / cartoons here. I did my fair share of cartoon reading with the Sunday paper growing up. Good stuff!

    • RJ…I think I’ll have to do a post on the difference between bearman and a bear (gay men who are big and burly)

      Thanks Jim…I thought more people should be enjoying them. Comics is how I learned to read.

  6. georgecomics says:

    Thanks for the mention! …Belated as it was 😉 Those are all great comics, so I feel in good company.

  7. Karl says:

    Here’s one oh wait, that’s mine!…;)

    • Karl…I am all about shameless promotion. Notice in my original post I said “anyone a cartoonist that people should check out” So people go check him out.

  8. Thanks Bearman, I’ll check out those on the list that I don’t know (which would be everyone by addanac city)

    By the way, nacked bearman was me. Don’t judge me, man. Prison’s a lonely place

  9. cbabin says:

    Ahh thanks Bearman. That’s it … if I ever start sending out Christmas Cards, your name is going to be on the top of my list! You’re not Jewish are you? Wait … Bearman … Nah that’s not a Jewish name. Yeah okay, you’re on the top of my list!

  10. George says:

    Hey, Bearman! I finally fixed the ripcord on my dial-up so I’m rarin’ to go. Thanks for including me on your list! I’m surrounded by some very talented and decent company (which is odd because I’m indecent at the moment, and you can’t see me, which is good. Right?).

    There are quite a few good “unkown soldiers” out there, and it’s by cool folks like you helping to expose them that makes the rest of the general populace even aware that they exist. A million thanks for that! It’s great getting decent exposure, cuz I keep getting arrested for the other kind.

  11. Craig…yes Bearman is actually short for BearManischewitz

    George your wife doesn’t trust you since you have gotten more base in your humor so she has installed nanny cams all over your house. Problem is that she didn’t password protect it via the internet. Long story short…yes I can see you indecent at every moment.

  12. Nate Fakes says:

    Thanks for the promo! I enjoy those others as well.

  13. George says:

    Dammit! She told me those cameras were just for our Hansel and Gretel dress-up reindeer games!

  14. Great references – thanks! I wish I could draw 🙁

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