Retro Bearman Cartoon: Chris Daughtry American Idol

Chris Daughtry made his triumphant return to the American Idol stage last night.  Reminded me of this editorial cartoon I did 3 years ago when he was booted off.  Everyone was crying about Voter Fraud.   As shown season after season, the winner of American Idol or even the ones who make it to the top 24 aren’t necessarily the best singers.

Voter Fraud 5 22 06 500

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  1. Shawn says:

    Heh. Wasn’t that the year that gray haired guy won? That was a bit of a joke.

  2. George says:

    Wow, Bearman. I didn’t know you’ve been at it for so long. Nice comic. I’m glad you dug in the crate and dusted that one off for us “new” folks.

  3. Nate Fakes says:

    They’re sneaky little bastards – getcha everytime!

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