Bearman Cartoon: Adam Lambert and the American Idol Finale

I won dinner at Bootsy Collins restaurant because I called this one.   I usually only watch the audition shows of American Idol but with the advent of the DVR, I can watch an entire episode in about 10 minutes by bypassing all the boring stuff.  So it came down to […]

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Retro Bearman Cartoon: Chris Daughtry American Idol

Chris Daughtry made his triumphant return to the American Idol stage last night.  Reminded me of this editorial cartoon I did 3 years ago when he was booted off.  Everyone was crying about Voter Fraud.   As shown season after season, the winner of American Idol or even the ones who […]

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Bearman Cartoon: American Idol Send in the Clowns

I am one of those people who only watch American Idol during the Audition Show. It’s painfully obvious the types of singers that go through. A. Sing a slower song because… B. 95% of the people they choose over do the vibrato in their voice. In the past two weeks […]

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