April Fools Day

Ok…I thought about doing some lame post (like I was giving up blogging – I could almost hear the applause if that were true) in honor of April 1 otherwise known in these parts as April Fools day.

Instead as a public service, I have decided to educate my faithful readers so they don’t get dupped on this illustrious day.

I have had Snopes in my blog roll for some time.  Want verification that an urban legend is true/false?  This is a great resource.  ex When you friend swears that you keeps emailing you the same thing over and over because Microsoft said they would pay money for it.  Obviously nothing you can say will make him stop but pointing him here might.

The other site I found recently is The Museum of Hoaxes.  It is similar to Snopes but as they explain they are “dedicated to promoting knowledge about hoaxes.  On our blog we post about dubious- sounding claims, and whatever else strikes our fancy.”  For example one recent post finds the real woman behind the Acai Berry diet pictures.  And guess what…she never took Acai Berry

Check them out before you are fooled!!!

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  1. alantru says:

    Cheers Bearman… I went over to the links with some trepidation… hmm, trepdiation, nice to use that word once in a while… I had images of thinking I was going to Snopes and ending up looking at tub girl. Thanks for not doing/pranking that to me! Happy AFD.

  2. nursemyra says:

    I love the Museum of Hoaxes, have spent days checking out their more obscure items. As for Snopes, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve sent my mother their link – she used to forward me every fake story on the internet and I just used Snopes as my comeback. i think it’s finally worked – she’s stopped doing it so maybe she runs them through Snopes before sending them on now 🙂

    • Alan…where is the trust?

      Myra…I did the same thing with my Sister with Snopes. I still think she sends that stuff out…just not to me anymore.

  3. Checked out the Museum of Hoaxes and thought it pretty cool. Thanks for the tip, bearman.

  4. That’s weird, some spam BS no doubt. Thanks for the tip Bear.

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