Bearman Cartoon: Who Stole the McNuggets

Usually I only do 1-2 toons a week but this one was so timely, it couldn’t wait. I think this has to be one of my favorite editorial cartoons in a while. I love the story of the woman calling 911 three times because McDonalds wouldn’t give her money back when they were out of McNuggets. Now I don’t blame the woman for being pissed but come on…THREE TIMES.

This tells me that we haven’t done a good enough job advancing the use of 311…the non emergency three-digit number to contact the police.

But did they have to drag Ronald into all this.

3 5 09  Bearman Cartoon McDonald McNuggets copy

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  1. Very funny. Wasn’t there just a case a couple weeks ago of some guy calling 911 because Burger King was out of lemonade? Good to see the boys in blue being put to good use.

  2. George says:

    “I’m Lovin’ It!” Funny cartoon, Bearman. I hope they don’t bring Grimace in. He’d fold like a lawn chair.

  3. leavethenuggetladyalone says:

  4. says:

    Love it, great.

  5. thats hilarious….

    311? WTF? is that forreal?

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