Bearman Cartoon: Barack Obama Wins…Racists Flee

This editorial cartoon by Bearman appeared on November 4, 2008 on the Cincinnati Beacon website -  It depicts racists fleeing the United States for Canada on word that Barack Obama has become President

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  1. steve says:

    Funny – but Canada would not accept a band of ignorant idiots who live in the past. Remember – white, black, yellow, etc – we all bleed red. To all those who still believe in the KKK – I ask you this: if you believe that much – why do you wear those stupid looking hoods!! You all cant be that ugly.

    Here is an idea – pool your money, buy an Island and live happily ever after!


    White boy from Canada

  2. Bearman says:

    Thanks for the visiting Canada!! I could have used Mexico but that really would have been a screwy message. I used Canada not for the attitude but for the greater area of vast wilderness to hide.

  3. danineteen says:

    Haha! Nice one!

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