Trump – Wrath of Khan

Donald Trump - Wrath of Khan

Donald Trump must be feeling the Wrath of Khan himself for comments he made after the Democratic National Convention last week.  His choice comments about the parents of slain United States soldier, Humayun Khan, has him feeling the wrath from both Republicans and Democrats. Much like Admiral James T. Kirk (usually […]

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Live Long and Oscar

Don’t know why this came to my head.  Didn’t want to do something everyone else has done with memorial to Leonard Nimoy.  So what is better than mashing up Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street) and Mr Spock (Star Trek)?  OK honestly it makes no sense but it was fun to […]

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Jules Verne > Star Trek

Bearman Cartoons Jules Verne Predicts better than Star Trek

So there was a recent meme going around the social media spheres that applauded Star Trek for predicting our current technology.  Here it is (anyone know the original source, I would be happy to credit)   If you talk to Engineers and scientists of today, many will tell you that […]

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Klingon Cling-Ons

  Don’t ask me why Klingons as Cling-ons is funny to me but it is.   So I had to draw a Captain Kirk lookalike with his pants down around his ankles and Klingon Cling-ons coming out of his butt. For those who haven’t heard “cling-on” here is the definition […]

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Avatar and Sci Fi Conventions

My first encounter with anything close to a Sci Fi Convention was when I worked at a movie theater and we were doing a Star Trek marathon of the first four movies back to back.  People were dressed as Klingons, as Kirk, as spock and as other random characters.  However […]

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