Trump – Wrath of Khan

Donald Trump - Wrath of Khan

Donald Trump must be feeling the Wrath of Khan himself for comments he made after the Democratic National Convention last week.  His choice comments about the parents of slain United States soldier, Humayun Khan, has him feeling the wrath from both Republicans and Democrats.

Much like Admiral James T. Kirk (usually known as Captain Kirk in most movies) in Star Trek Wrath of Khan, Trump is facing a nemesis with the same name (though last name not first).  Whatever frustration he is feeling, once again he brought it on himself.

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  1. George Ford says:

    Man, you draw a mighty good Trump. He’s such a cartoon character in real life. 🙂

  2. lisleman says:

    Good one. I didn’t make the name connection until I saw this. Each badly worded out break of his is disturbing. What I don’t understand is why people don’t see a pattern here. Spew some emotional crazy words out and then retreat. Next blame the media on misunderstanding the words or tell people it was sarcasm. As a president I don’t think you can reverse some country’s retaliation to your words because the words were just sarcasm.

  3. Mark Stokes says:

    I can feel the neck muscles wrenching and the spittle on my face, Bearman! Niiiice!

  4. Binky says:

    It would be fitting if Khan ultimately causes his downfall.

  5. Tony McGurk says:

    Great Trump likeness Bearman. With any luck he will go explore a universe far far away

  6. Set your phasers to Clinton.

  7. jynksie says:

    Watching Trump gaslight the GOP has been THE highlight of this political season! Its like he wrote down every cancer within the party and then threw it in front of an oncoming bus! [BAM!} What a ride! [grin] What will that small handed, orange glowing, Russian lovin, minority hating, wall building, buffoon say next?

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