Whatever Happened to Pinocchio

Bearman Cartoons Whatever Happened to Pinocchio

Whatever happened to Pinocchio after the Fairy Tale Ended?  Well I have been thinking about a bunch of Fairy Tale characters when watching “Once Upon a Time” and am thinking I will periodically draw a cartoon of different characters and my take on what they are up to now.   […]

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Buying Condoms Cartoon

Today’s cartoon on condom purchasing and the embarrassment it can cause was inspired by real life.  The other day I had a few things to pick up at the grocery store and I was waiting in line behind a 20 something woman who confidently held a box of condoms in her hand […]

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Bearman Editorial Cartoon: Manny Ramirez

It seems like Wrestling and Baseball have the biggest issues with performance enhancing drugs. Does it go on as much in other sports and if so, why is it downplayed in the press? Follow me via TWITTER updates. or you can… …just Tweet this post (click the image)

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