Reddit and Blogger Begin Banning Certain Nude Images

  Welcome news for those who have been the victim of others taking their “nude” photos and posting it on Reddit.  Blogger has announced that going forward nude photos have to be on a private site and reddit announced that nude images can no longer be posted without the subject in […]

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Why Wives Should Not Cut Their Hair Short


Ladies, here is the simple reason why wives should not cut their hair short.  As men, WE WILL LIE TO YOU!! Let’s face it sometimes you are in a rut, sometimes you are so busy taking care of the kids that keeping your hair looking good becomes a burden.  But […]

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The Real Story Behind “The Interview”

  The real story behind “The Interview” will probably never be known.  But today’s cartoon tongue in cheek claims maybe it was a mutually beneficial relationship between Seth Rogen and Kim Jong Un all along. There are so many conspiracy theories behind who really hacked Sony Pictures and what if […]

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Moderates in Politics Cartoon


  Moderates in Politics.  Oh those poor souls.  We just finished another round of elections in the United States with the Republicans taking over both the House and Senate majorities.  The term you here whenever the minority party becomes the majority after an election is “Mandate.” Let me be clear. […]

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Cards Against Humanity With In-Laws

For the uninformed today’s cartoon is about the game Cards Against Humanity.  Essentially each player is given several answer cards and one person reads a question card.  The players need to respond with the answer that they think the reader will like best.  Given the adult nature of most of […]

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Whatever Happened to Pinocchio

Bearman Cartoons Whatever Happened to Pinocchio

Whatever happened to Pinocchio after the Fairy Tale Ended?  Well I have been thinking about a bunch of Fairy Tale characters when watching “Once Upon a Time” and am thinking I will periodically draw a cartoon of different characters and my take on what they are up to now.   […]

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Mick Jagger Can’t Get No Satisfaction


Mick Jagger can’t get no satisfaction but he sure can sing it even now in his 70’s.  Way back in 1975 during an interview with People magazine (when he was only about 31) Mick proclaimed “I’d rather be dead than sing Satisfaction at 45.”   So of course I had […]

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Pumpernickel Meaning

Pumpernickel Meaning in German by Bearman Cartoons

Lesson time once again.  If you check out the listing for Pumpernickel in the dictionary the first definition is: a dark coarse sourdough bread made of unbolted rye flour However when you look at the etymology of the word and it’s origins, it is actually based on two german words.  “Pumpern” […]

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Alligator Arms Defined Cartoon

Alligator Arms Cartoon by Bearman Cartoons

The phrase “Alligator Arms” (or Dinosaur Arms) is one my friends and I have used for years to describe our other cheap friends.   Seems Urban Dictionary has the same idea.  Everyone know this person.  Either they fail to ever pick up the check when you go out or when […]

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