Why there is nothing to watch on Netflix


Today’s cartoon is inspired by our friends at Netflix.   Of course when you have vacation time over the holidays you tend to have some quality TV time as well.  Don’t get me wrong, Netflix does have some decent things but have you ever tried to search for a movie to […]

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me now?  Not only is that an old Verizon slogan, but it seems to be a recurring issue with me.  You see I don’t pay attention to something many times until it is important to me.  And it doesn’t mean what you have to say isn’t important, […]

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Why Cats are Assholes

Why Cats are Assholes by Bearman Cartoons

Not much needs to be added to this cartoon.  Whether you love cats or hate them….they are ASSHOLES.   Why is it that cats can sleep 9 hours of their day on hardwood floors and yet when they have to vomit up a hairball they nonchalantly move over to the […]

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Bald Men – Hairy Backs

Decided to change up some of my cartoons and experiment with different things.  Today’s cartoon was inspired by a friend of mine who is of course bald.  I don’t know if he has a hairy back or not but I can imagine. It seems as I grow older thankfully I […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Obama and Reagan

So my last politically inspired cartoon poked fun at the Republicans so now it is the Democrats turn.  Time and time again I see Democrats invoking the spirit of Ronald Reagan to shame Republicans into agreeing with their policies.  Somehow Reagan has turned from representing all things evil with Conservatives […]

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Why Google Plus is better than….

So it is no secret that I have been somewhat neglecting my friends on facebook, twitter, etc because my time on social media has been taken up by Google Plus.  While it of course has some limitations I wish they would work out sooner rather than later, the above cartoon […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Google Plus Gifs

This editorial cartoon about animated gifs on Google Plus came from my time on there over the past two weeks.  For those of you who engage with me on Twitter or Facebook, I apologize as I have been sucked into the world of Google + and though it has it’s […]

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Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest

Personally I dont know which group irritates me more during the holidays.  The first group are those that force their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of leaving it up to the individual to say Happy Holidays, Merry Chistmas, or even Good Solstice.  The second group are those who call […]

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