Every Damned Time Reddit (another viewpoint)

Bearman-Cartoons-Every Damned Time Reddit (an alternative view)This is a response cartoon of sorts.  The other day I was trolling through Reddit.  For the uninformed, Reddit is a social news site, where people can upload pics, news, cartoons etc.  Reddit users can upvote or downvote any entry.    The little white guy with the orange eyes is the reddit mascot.

When I remember, if something strikes me while I am surfing the web, I will post it to Reddit  and admitedly (while not everything) I will post some of my own stuff (probably because I live with a bunch of lazy readers who never noticed the damn share this buttons at the bottom of every post..haha you know I love you).   I am always amazed at the things that get upvoted and the things that get downvoted both of what I post and what others do.  Sometimes, I am “this is so f-ing stupid.  Why is it getting so many upvotes?”  And other times “This is amazing.  Who are these dumbasses downvoting it?”  So I can never figure out fully what people would be interested in.

So the other day I was going through Reddit and found a post titled “Every Damned Time, Reddit”  by a deviantart illustrator that goes by FindChaos.  (Click on his link to find a full size version of the cartoon)


So as you can see FindChaos finds Reddit so fun to play with forcing him to keep coming back again and again, while I tend to get beat to shit every time and still find my way back there.  Is there a battered redditors support group??

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  1. Nate Fakes says:

    I could never figure out how to get things noticed on there, so I went from Reddit to Screwit.

  2. I love the cartoon but don’t understand the concept of Reddit. I have a Reddit button too…no clue how it works or even how it got there. I’m going to click yours and see how it goes.

  3. Duncanr says:

    I have an ambivalent attitude towards Reddit. I check it everyday, looking for material I can perhaps use in MH (e.g., Caption this . . . pics) . And occasionally, I find a gem of a post on current events that I can get my teeth into but mostly it’s full of stuff that irritates me. So many of the contributors, to my mind at least, appear to be immature teens with a grossly inflated idea of their own importance. I much prefer Digg, myself !

    • Bearman says:

      I find Digg to be a little too broad much of the time. I tend to go to the pic, political humor, comic and WTF sections.

  4. I am so out of touch…
    Redtat? Huh? Maybe this is why everyone tells me I need to get out more.

  5. DadaHyena says:

    That was really, really, really funny. Nuff said.

  6. Turbo Sloth says:

    Definitely find your comic much more realistic than the first one, love it!

  7. Chris Howard says:

    I have so many wounds from Reddit…

  8. Tony McGurk says:

    I have the sharing buttons but never actually tried any of them. Maybe I’ll go look

  9. Tony McGurk says:

    Oh forgot to say, for such a cute little bloke he sure has a mean streak

  10. Binky says:

    I guess I’m a little out of it. I did check it out once or twice, but really couldn’t be bothered with trying to figure it out. Too lazy I guess.

  11. George says:

    I haven’t really used Reddit for much. I generally stick with StumbleUpon as su.pr. I tend to get better reaction with them even still.

    I do like your cartoon! I told you how nice your stuff works in sequential flow.

    • Bearman says:

      Yeah, I tend to get most of my fly by traffic from su.pr but for some reason the su.pr shortlink doesn’t provide the stumbleupon toolbar for my posts. I think I have a conflicting plug-in but dont’ know which.

  12. Scott says:

    For some reason, I am reminded of “Goofus and Gallant” in “Highlights”. I always knew “Gallant” did the right thing, but had more respect for “Goofus”!

  13. Thanks for doing a cartoon with an important message.

  14. Jillsy Girl says:

    I have never heard nor been to Reddit…should I even go there, I wonder??

  15. Nice. I have never really even checked out reddit. I am trying to get into social media more but like you said, some of this stuff is just dumb. I guess I really should look into it more, but i don’t have enough hours in a day.

  16. jynksie says:

    I don’t do Reddit, I hear it gives you cooties! o.O

  17. Bo Lumpkin says:

    I trydit, didit, was confused byit, and I moved on. It’s too confusin’ to me so I just stick with twitter.

  18. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Oh, You have a share button? Where?

  19. tmcelmurry says:

    As I share stuff about Rick the Stick I get down voted a ton from reddit, in fact there have been days where I thought about just abandoning Reddit all together, that is until I spoke with Ken and he informed me that he has actually been getting a fair amount of traffic from Reddit. So I continue on with my Reddit posts, but I’ve gotten to where I only visit my past reddits once a week to see if someone commented in order to respond to them, but I quit looking at the 0’s and started looking at the traffic coming from there. So I say to those reddit trolls, down vote all you want, but just keep clicking that link and I’ll be a happy redditor. 🙂

    • Bearman says:

      That was the basis of the post. You go to reddit, get beat to shit but end up happy that someone is paying attention to you, even if it is bad attention.

      Unfortunately, I would prefer some of them would stick around (or at least comment) once in a while.

  20. BRILLIANT! I read the cartoon after I read the blog post (something I rarely do) so I had the background in place when I read your comic. Very funny. I can relate even though I don’t use Reddit. Love the way he gets rejected and keeps coming back.

    • Bearman says:

      See I used to post the blog before the cartoon so people could get the background before not understanding the post. Someone called me out on believe it or not…REDDIT, that I should always have the cartoon first.

  21. bschooled says:

    Thanks to you, I’ve just become a self-appointed (and trained) “Intuitive Reddit Recovery Coach”!

    Tell your readers to email me for my session rates.

    ps. Since you are the one who inspired me, I’m offering you a 10% discount*.

    *subject to certain restrictions.

  22. lisleman says:

    I was a regular user of delicious until I got gas. No, I found tumblr. I wonder if FB and the company/blog/org pages have lessen the need for these services.

  23. Mark Stokes says:

    That little Reddit guy? He used to be a TeleTubbie, but they kicked him out ’cause he’s a mean, unpredictable sumbitch.

  24. Jason says:

    I need to make time for reddit and the like. I get sucked into the black hole that is Facebook. I’ll carve out an hour for social media and FB eats up around 75% of it.

  25. Friggin Loon says:

    Sorry for my tardiness Bearman (Loon has a bad friggin cold 🙁 )
    Could I borrow that baseball bat for just one minute so I can use it on some of the other social media sites?

    • Bearman says:

      The only other one you use is Twitter but you don’t even know how to use it to see if someone is saying something to you or retweeting your post so you can at least say thank you. That’s why I took you off my follow fridy list. Damn a ‘thank you’ every once in a while would be nice..haha

  26. Friggin Loon says:

    So Bearman, if I hit the button will the red eyed bunny hit you with a bat again? Just curious 🙂

  27. Bearman says:

    Only if I animate it.

  28. Kellie says:

    Sign me up for Abused at Reddit Anonymous. I’ll bring Cheetos and Pepsi as a snack. (yes, for everyone…). I lurked there a while and found some fun things — but when I started posting I discovered that if you are “in” (meaning an ego-maniacal grossly immature mean-spirited teen or post-adolescent) its great but if you are “out” (any one else) they just bash and criticize. They are obsessed with “upvotes” and who might committing fraud on one another (“did your girlfriend REALLY make that for you?”).

    I always get the idea most of the guys there now were in the “out” group growing up and Reddit is their big revenge. There is only so much “You’re a F*g” and “I would F that…” I can read as comments and pretend to be interested.

    There are some nice /r pockets on reddit – but its too much hassle to find them generally. It does feel good to see that I am not alone in that experience. Thanks!

    • Bearman says:

      Hey Kellie, thanks for joining in the conversation. And glad you said cheetos because I like those but don’t like the puffed ones.

      If you are the first to post dilbert, SMBC, or cyanide and happiness whether you get them or even find them funny, you are seen as a genius of posting. Otherwise, you may get lucky.

  29. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Do you have a special can opener you use for opening up all these cans of worms?

  30. Ha ha, that was a knockout

  31. alecho says:

    Hahaha I don’t have Reddit, but I’m definitely upvoting this! 🙂

  32. Jande says:

    Unlike Bearman who seems to have his sticky fingers in every virtual pie, I have never been to reddit. My limited socialising time is taken up with commenting on a few select of the hundreds of comics I follow (including my own) and Twittering in fits and bursts, aside from offline socialising. My sympathies to those desperate (and somewhat masochistic?) ones who are willing to get bashed so they can raise their stats. I will probably soon be joining your ranks if I ever get my online shop going. ;`)

    Love the comic. And the original one reminds me of the work of Jeph Jacques work in his comic Questionable Content.

  33. planetross says:

    I can’t predict what other people will like or not like: I’m not a mind or mindless reader!!!

  34. Lovely cartoon with a good theme.Really that’s a well sharing.

  35. mackmm says:

    I gave up on Reddit. For the exact reason you said in your post I get a huge amount of hits from Reddit to my site but I also get that one negative feedback that is sooooo negative.

  36. mackmm says:

    + one of the underlining credos for Reddit is not to Self-promote So I think there are trollers who just bash anyone they find doing it

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