Save the Hall of Justice

One Cincinnati claim to fame is that Union Terminal is considered the inspiration for the Hall of Justice where the Superfriends managed their operations.  Union Terminal was built in 1933 much in the grandeur  of Union Station or Grand Central Station as a train depot.  As train travel diminished especially after […]

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DC Comics – We Can Be Heroes

DC Entertainment (aka DC Comics) has decided to step up for aid to Africa with their We Can Be Heroes Campaign.  Essentially they are putting the Justice League Superheroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) up front to drive awareness and raise money for famine relief in the Horn of Africa. […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Wonder Woman’s New Costume

 The internet has been abuzz this past week with DC comics decision to revamp the Wonder Woman struggling franchise by giving her a makeover.  Personally I think the top they chose looks too much like Spiderman. But it got me thinking what would a comic book geek really want a […]

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