Long Island Medium & Hairspray

Today’s cartoon stars Theresa Caputo, better known on TLC as the Long Island Medium.   Sure we have seen tv psychics come and go: John Edwards, Sylvia Browne and of course my favorite Ms Cleo. First of all let me say I am a: Optimistic Skeptic I don’t believe in […]

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Linus Van Pelt on Hoarders

Image by Bearman, Story by Dan Soto Former child star, Linus Van Pelt (no relation to Stephanie Van Pelt), has been tapped to be featured on an upcoming episode of the hit show “Hoarders”. Recently, ToonMZ, spent a few minutes with Linus about his upcoming appearance. “It’s all Lucy and […]

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Bearman Cartoon: Jon and Kate Divorce

I have said before how much we love to build up the lowly, the underprivileged, or those who’s story touches our heart. But the minute they reach the point where they have something we don’t, it’s time to jump on the hate bandwagon. Now in the case of Jon and […]

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