Editorial Cartoon: Credit Card ID

First of all, let me give credit to all you who do recurring characters and multipanels.  This took much longer to do than I anticipated. Has anyone else had this conversation with a sales person?  I know everytime I have asked the same question, this is the response I get.  […]

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Retro Cartoon: Black Friday

Repost of a cartoon I did last year about Black Friday.  Seems this year didn’t live up to even last years dismal results. Black Friday is so called b/c for many retailers it is what brings them out of the red (losses) and into the black (profits)  

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Bearman "Retro" Cartoon: Shopping during the Holidays

This was one of the first cartoons I ever created back in December of 2005 for what became the Cincinnati Beacon. I have no problem with whatever greeting people choose to use during the holidays. I just can’t stand when companies create a corporate mandate that says that an employee […]

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