Preparation Hillary T-shirt

  Preparation Hillary T-Shirt.  I thought this parody of the Preparation H box would make my readers who are fans of Hillary Clinton (any of you out there?) happy.  Clinton’s biggest threat in the Democrat nomination for President is Bernie Sanders. Bernie supporters are very mobile and vocal on social […]

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Trump and Clinton – The Connection


Donald Trump is an astute political investor having donated to candidates on both sides of the aisle.  However his history with donating and supporting Hillary Clinton has some conspiracy theorists wondering why threw his name in for the Republican Primary.   Could it be that this was just an elaborate […]

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Editorial Cartoon: Obama and Clinton

I know I don’t post editorial cartoons typically on Friday but this was so timely (thanks Mike) that I couldn’t pass it up before it became old news or someone else shamelessly stole my idea. So it seem President Obama has been getting some slack for passing off his press […]

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