This is why you should be careful who you wish a “Merry Christmas”

Why you should be careful who you wish a Merry Christmas

This is why you should be careful who you wish a “Merry Christmas”  Not because they might be offended but because you might learn something about yourself you didn’t know.  OK, probably not a reason to stop the practice. I know there are people who get upset when someone says […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas First off, I want to say Congratulations to Danica for winning the Editorial cartoon caption contest.  Danica email me (see email address above in the header) and let me know if you want something from or the signed artwork.  Here is the winning entry. Secondly, I want […]

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Vote Now Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest

Below are the nominees for the Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest.  Vote early and often (well that is if you have multiple computers).  There were many great suggestions and I thank you all for offering them up.  If you feel your suggestion was missed in the final tally, well then just […]

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Retro Cartoon – Merry F You

Posted this last year before I had anyone actually visiting.  It is actually the first editorial cartoon I did way back in December of 2005.  Thought it would be a good tie in to my Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest.  Still time today to get your entries in.

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Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest

Personally I dont know which group irritates me more during the holidays.  The first group are those that force their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of leaving it up to the individual to say Happy Holidays, Merry Chistmas, or even Good Solstice.  The second group are those who call […]

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Bearman "Retro" Cartoon: Shopping during the Holidays

This was one of the first cartoons I ever created back in December of 2005 for what became the Cincinnati Beacon. I have no problem with whatever greeting people choose to use during the holidays. I just can’t stand when companies create a corporate mandate that says that an employee […]

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