How the Environmentalists Screwed Us

5-20-13-Bearman-Cartoon-Why Environmentalists Screwed Us

Today’s cartoon is for the environmental movement and what I consider a failure of public opinion.   Many of my friends on social media are sharing this article which asks the question why people can’t believe in Global Warming if the majority of scientists do.  On one post by fellow […]

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I love Kangaroo

So once again today’s cartoon was based in some semblance of truth.  One of my top 3 things we did was visit the Australian Zoo (aka the Steve Irwin Zoo).  Because of liability and stupid people, you don’t have the same level of interaction with animals in the U.S. as […]

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Retro Cartoon: Fuck Global Warming

As I am nursing my back from shoveling snow and preparing to shovel ice and snow today, it reminded me of a cartoon I did back in 2007 when it was hot as hell out. I know, I know…they don’t call it Global Warming anymore…it is now “Climate Change.”

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