Urine Mouthwash

Bearman Cartoons Urine Mouthwash in Ancient Rome

Yes friends urine luck, as I tell you the history of Urine Mouthwash.  Well back before the days of Listerine and Scope, people needed something powerful enough to cure the breath of a dragon.  Already used as a way to clean laundry someone must have said, “If it cleans my sheets, […]

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HHH WWE Network Sign


The last in my lastest series of WWE Caricature Signs features former WWE Wrestler and now COO Triple H aka HHH aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka Paul Levesque.   Earlier this year, the WWE launched the WWE Network.  After first approaching several cable companies to create a premium network like […]

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John Cena WWE Sign


Apologies for the odd posting schedule as I have been working on several commissions including some new WWE Signs that I will be posting over the next few days.  Those of you who don’t care about wrestling or WWE should probably just skip visiting this week and return next week […]

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Cards Against Humanity With In-Laws

For the uninformed today’s cartoon is about the game Cards Against Humanity.  Essentially each player is given several answer cards and one person reads a question card.  The players need to respond with the answer that they think the reader will like best.  Given the adult nature of most of […]

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Kale Smoothie Recipe That Actually Tastes Good

Kale Smoothie Recipe that Actually Tastes Good

Did you ever find a Kale Smoothie Recipe that actually tastes good?  Did you ever even try?  Do you know about the benefits of Kale?  I certainly didn’t until recently but kept hearing things like “Kale is a Superfood”   So I went online to find out why.  According to […]

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Lebron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers


The buzz on the internet today is that Lebron James is returning home to play basketball with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Today’s cartoon pokes fun at the Cleveland fans who in 2010 burned Lebron’s jersey when he went to play for Miami.  In fact then (and now) Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert […]

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Lara Croft – Time Raider

Lara Croft Time Raider by Bearman Cartoons

Lara Croft – Time Raider is to blame.  Yes if you have been wondering where I have been it is all her fault.  Work has been crazy busy the past several weeks but in my down time I have been playing games on my new Xbox.  To my wife’s gratitude […]

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A Different View of Net Neutrality


I have a different view of Net Neutrality than most based on what I have read.  That being said I am always open to additional info to sway me back to the masses belief that what the FCC has been proposing of late and the deal between Netflix and Comcast […]

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