Lara Croft – Time Raider

Lara Croft Time Raider by Bearman Cartoons

Lara Croft – Time Raider is to blame.  Yes if you have been wondering where I have been it is all her fault.  Work has been crazy busy the past several weeks but in my down time I have been playing games on my new Xbox.  To my wife’s gratitude I finally cleaned up the basement entertainment cabinet by donating my old PS2, Gamecube and Wii.  As well as the old DVD player.  In it’s place came the Xbox so I have my video game system and DVD player in one.

And unfortunately that means Lara Croft has been sucking all my free time as I veg out on the couch instead of drawing or spending time on the internet.   But I am not a total waste as I spent two days volunteering this past weekend.  Don’t you think better of me now?

Any guilty pleasures you have that are pretty much a waste of time but you still do them anyway?

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  1. Jim says:

    Wow. It’s been a minute since I’ve played that. First on the PC. Last on the PS2.

  2. Binky says:

    Eating chocolate and posting comments on blogs.

  3. jynksie says:

    You’ll never be in a position again to give the rest of us grief when we slack off Bearman! … like NEVER ever-ever! [smirk]

  4. lisleman says:

    Most all of my electronic game playing took place in the early 80’s. Ms. PacMan, Centipede on arcade quarter eating type of games. I play a little bit of games with the kids in the 90’s but never got hooked. I do wonder if the war/battle games that have you blowing off heads of the enemy are very good for anything.

  5. Tim says:

    Is the new Xbox one backwards compatible? I went with ps4 and it is not.

  6. Bill Murphy says:

    A few weeks ago I downloaded candy crush, another Bejeweled type game and Sudoku on my phone. Many upon many hours were wasted before I forced myself to uninstall them all.
    Video games are the worst for me to stop playing. I become so focused on them. On many occasions I’ve played the same game for eight hours straight.

  7. Comedy Plus says:

    If you work hard, and you do, then guilty pleasures are a must. They take the stress away. Gives you something fun to look forward to as well.

    Way to go on the volunteering too.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  8. George Ford says:

    I can identify with you, B. I’ve started playing games on my Kindle (AC collections available on that format also) and I’ve fallen in love with a Billiards game that I cannot seem to stop playing.

    I’ve found myself pushing off working on my comics in favor of trying to make it to the next level. 🙂

  9. Tony McGurk says:

    I think I met Lara in the Philippines once. I had my watch stolen off my arm by a woman who grabbed me by the wrist to try & get me to come into a bar. Got further down the street then noticed my watch was gone. Damn you time raider, damn you!!!

  10. Jason Salas says:

    I’ve been wanting to veg out to a Zelda game. Haven’t played one since Ocarina of Time.

  11. Nef says:

    The newest Tomb Raider was amazing! I loved it so much that I slept with her.

    I mean I played with her all night…

    Oh! You know what I mean!

  12. David Hurley says:

    That’s understandable Bearman, work will do it every time.

  13. Video games are the great thief of creative folk.

  14. Tim Green says:

    I have no willpower when it comes to video games… I stopped cold turkey three years ago!

  15. benzeknees says:

    I feel the same way about Klondike, The Lost Expedition. It’s a FB game & I spend way too much time playing it lately! For me, right now, it’s a bit of an escape as I adjust to a new more sedate lifestyle, after being diagnosed with COPD. I have to get used to a number of limitations & it helps me not spend time feeling sorry for myself or worrying about what I have yet to face.

  16. frigginloon says:

    OMG LOL. I wasted a good chunk of my life on Tomb Raider. I have been through the highs and lows of different developers . Thank goodness the original team are back.Though I did find the latest a little too violent . I liked the original version where you had to go right back to the start of the level if you had no save diamonds left. They need to go back to the complex puzzle solving rather than just the shooting, spearing, hacking, cutting and clubbing. I was also hoping they would introduce us to Lara Crofts sexy brother … a girl can hope!!!

  17. Mark Stokes says:

    If you have to be distracted, she’s a good way to go!

  18. Gruhn says:

    If you catch her, you probably won’t be walking for a while.

  19. Andro says:

    Hey we can’t blame you for spending time with Lara Croft,
    I wouldn’t mind a bit with her too, hey spending time I meant…
    Well actually, er, never mind just keep enjoying her, I mean
    keep playing with her, I mean with it, no the Xbox… I have a PS3
    and just love playing that instead of working on anything 🙂

    Have a wicked Hump Day Bearman…


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