N is for Numbat

N is for Numbat Animal Alphabets Bearman Cartoons

N is for Numbat.  Now of course hearing the name of this animal for today’s Animal Alphabet, I was hoping for some flying rodent but no, instead we have an Australian Marsupial.  Numbats are solitary animals, active during the day which subsist on termites, eating up to 10% of their […]

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J is for Javan Rhino

J is for Javan Rhino Animal Alphabets

J is for Javan Rhino.  The next letter in the endangered species Animal Alphabets.    Considered one of the rarest large mammals in the world, the Javan Rhino gets its name from one of the islands from which its population was once large – Java in Indonesia.  In the 1600’s […]

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I is for Indian Elephant

I is for Indian Elephant. Animal Alphabets Cartoon series by Bearman Cartoons

I is for Indian Elephant.  The Indian Elephant found in Asia (and not only India).  Vegetarians who eat Bark, grass and roots, these elephants are known for eating up to 19 hours a day and producing, as the cartoon shows, 220lbs of dung a day.  That needs a S**tload of toilet […]

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F is for (Island) Fox


F is for (Island) Fox.  The island fox can be found on the Channel Islands of California.  Isolated on the islands for several thousand years has made the fox more vulnerable to mainland disease that cause no issues with domesticated dogs.  Of the eight species of Island Fox, four have […]

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E is for Echidna


E is for Echidna.  Continuing to cartoon for the Animal Alphabets.  Several weeks behind.  Echidnas are somewhat of a cross between a hedgehog and an anteater.  Thus the big nose and spikes.  But for me every time I think of the word I get hungry.  Enchiladas anyone?

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D is for Dugong


D is for Dugong.  Animal Alphabets continues with the Dugong.  Those in the U.S. who are familiar with the manatee will recognize the similarities with the Dugong.  The Dugong is found closer to Australia. Mostly herbivore they tend to seek seagrass and using their flexible upper lip they can dig out […]

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A is for Asiatic Black Bear


A is for Asiatic Black Bear.  Going to try and force myself to get back into drawing regularly.  Hoping to complete the alphabet of animals offered up by AnimalAlphabets on Twitter.  Here we go with number 1.

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