Mick Foley Caricature and Comedy Review

Mick-Foley-Caricature-by-Bearman Cartoons

  So it is no secret that the wife and I are fans of wrestling (and no you wouldn’t know it by looking at either of us).  WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has parlayed his second act into being an exceptional writer with multiple best sellers and now doing […]

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The Monkey Business Illusion

Before going any further, watch the video above. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (hums Jeopardy Theme to self) I just finished reading Daniel Simons book, The Invisible Gorilla that deals with this video and other topics related to observation, multi-tasking and other ways our intuition decieves us. I am planning a cartoon based […]

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Guest Cartoon: Jande Rowe

Today’s guest cartoon submission is from Jande Rowe of e-Orbits Comix (home of Aedre’s Firefly).  Jande’s line work is amazing on AF but what I enjoy just as much is her personal stories that tend to accompany each post. Now my only complaint is that she assumes I have any […]

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